Gift Guide for the Fashion Lover in Your Life

Can’t decide what to get the fashionistas in your life for the holidays this year? If you’re looking to give something gorgeous, thoughtful, and sustainable for the 2020 holiday season, then you’ve come to the right fashion gift guide! I’m giving you 8 amazing gift ideas for every haute and stylish queen on your list. So, let’s dive into the gift guide for the fashion lover in your life!

1. Designer purse

Before you keep scrolling because it’s “too expensive,” what if I told you that you could get your friend, sister, or mother a designer purse at a fraction of the cost? Imagine the look on their face when they see a timelessly stunning Chanel quilted purse under the tree or a Kate Spade leather handbag. You will be the best gift giver there ever was (except for Santa, of course). 

When you buy on consignment, you can purchase luxury, designer goods for up to 70% off their sticker price. In some cases we currently have on our shelves, you can even save up to $500 on a designer purse by buying it on consignment!

Plus, when you buy a bag from Current Boutique, you never have to worry. We only accept lightly used purses in impeccable condition, and we even clean them up ourselves to make them as beautiful as new. Plus, we run a thorough authentication process to make sure you and your recipient are getting the label and quality that you expect with a designer purse. 

Start shopping our designer purses at Current Boutique here. There is nothing better than a new handbag to start 2021 with a beautiful bang. 

2. Timeless necklace 

“Vintage” pieces are always trendy because they help us connect with the style lovers of our past. But not all “timeless” items have to be vintage. Tiffany & Co. items are instantly timeless, for example, because of their minimalist design and quality craftsmanship. 

If you’re looking to give something really special and meaningful, every woman loves receiving beautiful jewelry. Just like the designer purses from above, you can buy authentic luxury jewelry on consignment for a significantly lower price. Plus, there’s something really beautiful about knowing that the necklace once adorned the neck of a fellow fashionista, connecting our socially-distant world through preloved fashion.  

3. PJ set

It’s 2020. We all know that means pajamas have been reigning supreme, so they had to make their way to our fashion gift guide. If you’re like me and you’ve been wearing your PJs a little thin, you get it.

Every girl wants a fresh pair of PJs or sweats to cuddle into this winter season. It’s a cozy gift that’s sure to give you some brownie points with your friend. Check out Vogue’s selection of best PJ sets for 2020 to get some ideas. We are also big fans of Pajamagrams because they are so soft and cute—and you can even get matching PJ sets with your bestie!

4. Whimsical earrings

Playful earrings are all the rage this season, adding a little light and brightness to our days. We love playing around with earrings because they’re a quick and easy way to dress up even the most casual outfits. Just put on some earrings, and you instantly have a confidence boost. Clothes and accessories have a direct impact on our psychology, so wearing something fancy and fun will instantly make your friend’s day that much happier—thanks to you! 

There are a lot of local boutiques, artists, and Etsy shops that sell unique and specialty earrings. Not only will you gift cool jewelry that your friend will love and that will add a little flair to their wardrobe, but this is also a great opportunity to support small businesses this holiday season! Current Boutique has a huge array of both fashion and luxury jewelry to fit your recipient’s style, so it’s definitely worth a peek!

5. Stylish face masks

Would a quarantine fashion gift guide even be complete without a face mask gift? There are so many cute face masks available on the market now, so you can spoil your recipient with a new “accessory” that also keeps them safe.

You can purchase homemade masks through Etsy or check out some stylish masks here… or you can even DIY one if you’re crafty! Pair it with a funny quarantine holiday card and some travel hand sanitizer packs, and you’ve got the ultimate 2020 gag-and-practical gift. 

6. Quality laundry detergent 

This is a unique gift idea that a lot of people don’t think about. Most people have a tried-and-true laundry detergent, but these detergents are often filled with chemicals that are toxic both for people and for the environment. For example, most people use Tide… but EWG gives Tide products a D or F rating! That means their products contain ingredients that are known to cause cancer, environmental hazards, and other serious health and eco concerns. 

So show some love and care for your loved one by taking care of their health and their clothes with a good quality laundry detergent. They will love how thoughtful you are, and they may even find a healthy alternative detergent they love even more! Check out some of these safe laundry detergents here

7. Fashion poster 

If the recipient loves fashion but you don’t know what their current trend-of-the-week is, give them something timeless and classic like vintage fashion wall art. We love these magazine cover posters on Etsy, but you can find a lot of cool options when you search Google!

Along with posters, there are a lot of other unique fashionable home décor that they’ll love, like coffee table books, coasters, pillows, etc. Have fun browsing the online shelves to find something uniquely fashionable that they’ll adore! You can find a home decor fashion gift guide to make your search easier.

8. Gift certificate 

One of the easiest yet most thoughtful presents is a gift certificate to a local boutique. We recommend purchasing gift certificates from small businesses because they need your help to stay alive during the holiday 2020 season, and the recipient will love supporting and exploring new small businesses.

Give the gift of sustainable, stunning designer fashion this season with a gift certificate to Current Boutique. This gives your friend the freedom to find quality, luxurious clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories that they’ll love—and they’ll have so much fun going shopping too! We love that a Current Boutique gift certificate gives twice: you’re offering the experience of shopping through a unique consignment store (in person or online) and then your friend will be doubly excited when they get to receive and wear their new goodies. Stop by your local Current Boutique to pick up an easy, breezy gift certificate this holiday season, or drop us a line if you can’t come in person. 

Enjoy this fashion gift guide and don’t forget to shop small this season. Happy holidays, and happy gifting! 

How to Support Small Business this Holiday Season

Support Local Businesses this Holiday Season and keep them thriving!

It’s no surprise that small businesses have been facing phenomenal challenges and feats since COVID-19 has hit the scene. This holiday season, small businesses need your help and support to stay in business and stay thriving. Your purchase from a local business could help a boss keep employees on payroll for the season so they can feed their families. Or your support could help mean the difference between closing down shop or lasting to see 2021. 

We know that 2020 shopping feels… well, weird. Amidst impending lockdowns and social distancing, it can feel harder and harder to frequent your favorite local shops to get holiday gift ideas. So we’re going to give you 10 ways to support small business while staying safe, healthy, and budget-friendly this 2020 holiday season.  I hope you enjoy our guide on how to support small business this holiday season and beyond.

Why support small business

We were thrilled to see a Sykes survey report that 1 in 5 American consumers plan to purchase more from small local businesses in 2020. That means people are acknowledging how their shopping patterns, particularly amidst the pandemic, have a direct impact on the lives and livelihoods of small business owners and employees. 

The reach of your support extends far beyond just the business itself. Small businesses are the fabric of our economy and society.

  1. Economically, when you shop local, the money stays in your community and can help with local development. This multiplier effect creates a ripple chain of local business relationships that enables the entire community to flourish together.
  2. Socially, small businesses give our American towns the culture, character, and community that we all know and love. These businesses create local jobs; in fact, a 2018 SBA profile reported that U.S. small businesses employ 47.5% of the private workforce, and that number has only risen since then. 

Besides, small businesses are more sustainable for the community and environment, they offer a better customer service and purchasing experience, and they offer unique, specialty items that won’t be under everyone’s Christmas tree who shops at the big box stores. 

You have the choice where your dollars go: a faceless corporation or the friendly fact at the local grocer, boutique, pet shop, clothing store, bakery, etc. If you want to see your favorite small businesses keep their doors open, if you want your community to grow and flourish, then you can accept the responsibility of directing your holiday purchases to support small business. 

1. Shop online. 

Most stores, even small businesses, have pivoted to a more ecommerce-centric business in an effort to keep people safe during the pandemic and also to keep their doors open. You can browse local businesses’s products online, so you can actually support small business from the comfort of your couch. You can then have those products shipped to you or even do a buy online and pickup in store (or curbside pickup). Start shopping for your favorite preloved gems on Current Boutique’s website

Tip: If you prefer to browse in the store itself, call ahead to find out when the shop’s typical “down” time is (when foot traffic is less), so you can throw on your mask and shop in safety and confidence. 

2. Support small business now by buying gift cards for the future. 

Lockdowns and distancing requirements won’t go on forever. We want our favorite delis, gyms, and clothing boutiques to be waiting and ready for us when we can go back to our regular routine. You can help them persist through these hard times by purchasing a gift card or certificate. This essentially lets you purchase products and services in advance, and it gives the business capital to keep their doors open and shelves stocked for the foreseeable future. 

Plus, gift cards are a sustainable gift that you know will get used. You’re not buying your friend a scarf that they may or may not wear (and may throw away). You’re gifting the freedom of choice while also enabling you and the recipient to show support for a local business. 

Make your holiday shopping super simple this season, and give the gift of sustainable, stunning fashion. Stop by your local Current Boutique to grab a gift certificate and give your loved ones the opportunity to purchase high-quality, designer clothes (at a fraction of the cost) that they’ll look and feel gorgeous wearing.

3. Start shopping early. 

Smaller businesses don’t have the same kind of shipping and logistics contracts that large corporations do. That means small businesses can get overwhelmed with requests and have slower shipping times (even for expedited shipping), particularly as the holidays draw nearer. Shopping early from your favorite stores will help give them revenue to handle the holiday season effectively, while also lessening the burden of an influx of requests in the last two weeks before Christmas. Plus, it ensures you get all your goodies before the season!

“Shopping early is one of the kindest ways to shop small.”

4. Be kind. 

You may have read our article that explained how some employees are feeling overwhelmed and experiencing burnout by stressed out customers. We know how anxious and challenging this time is for everyone. Small businesses are working diligently to adapt their stores to best suit the consumer’s health and shopping preferences.

If you want to truly support your local business this season, support them not only with your money but also with kindness, understanding, and patience. For example, items might go out of stock, shipping times might be longer, and employees might be feeling the strain of working when they have high-risk family members. You can make our day a little bit brighter just with a smile and a “hello.”

We love and appreciate all the loving, considerate shoppers who come through our doors. Showing the employees at local business a little extra love this season can go a long way.    

5. Support with reviews and social media. 

Another way to support small businesses without your wallet is with your words. Posting positive reviews about your favorite shops, like Current Boutique, on Yelp, Facebook, and Google is a simple way to help keep these retailers in business. It matters more than you might think. 

Research shows that 91% of consumers regularly read reviews, and 84% trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. From there, 68% will form an opinion and make a purchasing decision based on those reviews. That means your review could have a direct impact on whether or not someone visits or buys from that retailer. Leaving a few positive words not only shows your small business owner that you appreciate their store, but it can also substantially drive more traffic and revenue to the store. 

Also, follow local businesses on social media and engage with their posts. Like and comment. Share their content with friends. Staying active with your favorite businesses on social media can have a huge effect on pushing local marketing and getting these businesses seen by other folks in the community.  

6. Look at extended deals. 

Stay within your budget by shopping deals from local businesses. A lot of small businesses participate in Small Business Saturday and Black Friday deals, and many retailers have started their deals early this year. So, keep an eye out for sales from your favorite shops so you can save money while holiday shopping this year. Check out our Black Friday deals and offerings here

Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to the retailer directly to inquire about any deals or specials going on. Even if they’re not having any deals, they might offer you something special as a thank you for reaching out and shopping with them!

Psst… Want to make a little extra cash for the holiday season? Do a quarantine closet cleanout and sell your extra clothing pieces to Current Boutique! 

7. Think up new gift ideas. 

It’s hard to come up with gift ideas every year, especially for those recipients that seem to have everything. The cool part about small businesses is that they often offer unique items you can’t get anywhere else. You can find gift inspiration from local businesses and ensure you gift a special, exclusive item that they definitely won’t have under their tree this year.

One of the benefits of consignment shops in particular is that we carry unique pieces that are so hard to find—like a Chanel dress from the ‘80s or a limited edition Oscar de la Renta. Keep an eye on our inventory and you’ll be surprised at the turnover of sensational items up for grabs. 

The gift of self-care is huge for the holiday 2020 season. That doesn’t just mean body products, though. Fashion is one of the best forms of self-care because it makes you feel confident, beautiful, and motivated. Treat your friend to the love of fashion with cool winter 2020 fashion trends or a gift certificate to Current Boutique, so they can pick out their own designer, quality clothing and accessories (and get way more bang for their buck than if they shopped from the designer directly). 

8. Check out new small businesses. 

Not sure where to find products you’re looking for at local shops? Feel like it’s only big box stores around you? You’d probably be surprised to see just how many small businesses there are around town, even some that may be tucked away that you’ve never heard of before. It can be really fun to explore new shop’s products and offerings, and the owner will be thrilled to see a new face (or name, if purchasing online)! 

How to find and support small business near you:

  • Check out American Express’s Small Business map. This will show you which small businesses are in your area and which are participating in Small Business Saturday deals, discounts, and events!
  • Browse Yelp based on what sort of products/services you’re looking for. This is a great way to find local businesses, see what they’re about, and read reviews. 
  • Use social media to your advantage. See where local friends like to shop. Look up hashtags related to your city. A lot of small businesses are on Facebook and Instagram to get their name out there, so you can find some unique places you’ve never known before.  
  • Do some Googling. Search “shoe stores near me” (for example) to find some local places. You’ll have to weed through some of the bigger retailers, but you’ll be able to find some special hot spots too. 
  • Check out Etsy and other sites that support independent artists. They may or may not be local, but you’re bound to find unique artisan crafts from small businesses that will delight any gift recipient this holiday season.

9. Consider your purchasing values. 

You work hard for your money. What you choose to do with that money, and by extension your work and time, says a lot about you. Knowing that this 2020 holiday season could make or break small businesses, you have the distinctive privilege to offer your assistance, support, and care for these people. Purchasing from small businesses is one of the best ways to show love in your community during this holiday season.

Furthermore, small businesses often live by a mission and set of principles that big corporations don’t. For example, a local roaster might only source fair trade chocolate and coffee to promote social wellbeing of these farmers. Or your local consignment shop like Current Boutique might have a mission to emphasize the sustainable cycle of fashion to minimize textile and wallet waste. If you have a personal mission statement you live by, find a local shop that aligns with your values.

10. Consider donating to a local nonprofit. 

Nonprofits need your assistance, too. Although many get government grants, these grants usually aren’t enough to sustain their operations, particularly as most nonprofits are more strained for supplies and services during the holidays. Whether you want to keep pups warm for the holidays or serve more meals to the homeless in your community, there are tons of local nonprofits who can use your help this season. A quick Google or social media search of local nonprofits can help you find ones that speak to you.

Better yet, turn your donation into a gift! Give a donation in someone else’s name and then give them the receipt. It’s like giving twice. Both the recipient and the organization will appreciate your thoughtfulness. 

Thank you for your support

We love and appreciate our Current Boutique shoppers so much. Thank you for supporting an entrepreneur’s dream, thank you for showing love to our employees, and thank you for giving more life, funds, and development into our community. We wouldn’t be here, especially with all that’s going on in 2020, without your support. For that, we are eternally grateful, and we can’t wait to thank you personally in store or through an online purchase.

Winter 2020 Fashion Trends to Look Cool and Stay Warm

Winter is one of the most challenging times to stay fashion-forward, since we also have to prioritize warmth and comfort. Plus, with all of the changes in fashion and lifestyle during the COVID-19 era, winter 2020 fashion trends are an even greater feat to pull off. That’s why I’ve gathered the coolest winter 2020 fashion trends that are totally accessible and doable for every woman who’s looking to feel chic while also staying warm, safe, and cozy this season. 

What’s going to be hot for winter 2020 fashion trends?

  • Material: leather (brown)
  • Color: neutrals with a pop of blue 
  • Print: tiger
  • Outerwear: puffer jackets
  • Texture: XL fringe
  • Silhouette: bodycon 
  • Shoes: cream slouch boots
  • Accessories: chain necklaces with hoop earrings
  • Fun and cute: fuzzy knit cardigans 

Material: brown leather 

Leather is always a popular cold weather fabric. It’s a gorgeous, timeless material that works double-time to keep you warm in even the coldest temperatures. Any kind of leather pieces are great for winter, whether it’s a leather knee-length skirt, hip-length jacket, or buttery shirt.

What’s really on-trend for the season, though, is a brown leather coat, usually dropping at the knee or calf. This is a striking outerwear piece that draws the eye while creating a silhouette that shows off your curves (which is a challenge with most outerwear). At Current Boutique, we particularly love brown leather because it’s a hot trend for winter 2020, but it’s also an ageless material and neutral color that will endure for many cold weather seasons to come. 

Winter 2020 fashion trends that last forever…

Another timeless winter material is velvet. If you want to invest in quality fabric that will never go out of style, a romantic velvet dress is a dazzling classic that pairs beautifully with kitten heels and pearls or boots and chunky jewelry. Even go barefoot and the velvet dress is a stunner on its own!

Do you know how to stay warm while wearing a dress? Get that and other winter fashion hacks here

Color: neutrals with a pop of blue  

Speaking of, the “nude and neutral” has been a fall 2020 trend that has persisted into winter. But what I’m particularly loving this season are the pops of bright blue paired with neutrals like brown and beige. So obsessed with the stunning contrast between a sleek brown jacket and bright blue bag or a monochrome off-white look with a pop of blue heels.

Brown and blue are the most prominent color combination this season, but I love that this combo doesn’t require you to totally update your wardrobe. Simply mixing and matching pieces that you already have is a great way to look trendy while saving money and ensuring a long lifespan for your wardrobe. With most people being more conscious about how they spend their money, particularly during the pandemic, investing in everlasting pieces that can be styled towards seasonal trends is the new normal. 

Print: tiger

Animal prints are always in fashion. They’re an easy statement that can be both bold and delicate at the same time. For winter 2020, tiger print is particularly popular. Maybe it’s thanks to The Tiger King, or maybe it’s the combination of black and brown that compliments the colder temperatures. Tiger accents will liven up a neutral outfit, and it looks particularly attractive with denim jeans or jackets.

What animal print is your fave? Mine is ZEBRA!

Outerwear: puffer jackets

If you’re looking for something cute, easy, and warm, look no further than the puffer jacket. What was once considered “frumpy” has now (thankfully) become the epitome of fashion, particularly if paired with a bodycon sweater dress or curve-rocking leggings. If you live in a cold climate, you can’t risk your health and safety with your outerwear, so we’re thrilled that puffer jackets are the hot topic for winter 2020 fashion trends.

This year’s jackets are rocking non-traditional zipper placements and deep-set pockets to add a bit of flair, but your go-to puffer jacket will be equally as warm and stylish for the season. Quilted styles are also in for outerwear, so you’ll see a lot of quilted puffer jackets for winter 2020. 

Texture: XL fringe

The ‘70s looks are still trending, but now fringe is getting even bigger and bolder. I’ve been seeing a lot of extra-large fringe hit the winter 2020 fashion trends scene, adding both texture and warmth to traditional outfits. Long fringe dresses are an easy go-to outfit for the holidays, and they’ll make you feel both like a ‘70s flower power queen and a 1920s Gatsby-esque flapper gal. This look is fun, fashionable, and flirty! If you haven’t yet found your fringe piece, it’s still a great investment, since the ’70s don’t seem to be leaving the scene anytime soon.

Psst… Another ‘70s look that’s hot in winter 2020 fashion trends is faux shearling trim. This adds a textured collar that looks as gorgeous as it is cozy. I particularly love shearling trim on a leather or denim jacket, and it’s great for moderate winter weather or pre-spring. 

Silhouette: bodycon

In winter 2019 fashion, we saw a lot of square silhouettes. In 2020, though, women are looking more to show off and show up in elegant ways, particularly on the tail of stay-at-home guidelines. That’s why we’re seeing this year’s hot silhouette more streamlined and form-fitting. 

Cozy sweaters are always cute for fall and winter. This season, sweaters are less chunky and instead found as shape-framing bodycon dresses. To keep these silhouettes work-appropriate, throw a blazer on top of your sweater for your Zoom call, or choose high-quality fabrics that drop to the knee or calf. 

Tie-waists are also popular this season, particularly for outerwear like leather jackets and puffer coats. This maintains a shapely silhouette while keeping you warm and safe. 

What I love about the bodycon silhouette is that it encourages self-confidence and inner beauty. When you feel comfortable and sexy in the clothes you wear, you’ll exude brightness and beauty wherever you go. Learn how to gorgeously glow up from the inside out here. 

Shoes: cream slouch boots

This is a beautiful yet effortless look that’s one of our favorite winter 2020 fashion trends. The past few winters have seen the introduction of “slouchy boots,” which end just below the knee and “crumple” with each step. These boots usually have a stiletto or block heel, and they offer both functional warmth and an elegant texture. These pair gorgeously with a dress and stockings or you can tuck-in wide leg trousers. This year, cream colored slouch boots are all the rage, optimizing on that off-white winter white that we adore. 

Accessories: chain necklaces with hoop earrings

At Current Boutique, we are big believers in timeless wardrobe pieces. We like keeping go-to basics in the closet that will look good no matter what season you’re in or what trends are “hot.” A great example of timeless pieces that are made fresh this season are chain necklaces paired with hoop earrings. We’re seeing a lot of fashion and street models donning these two classic jewelry pieces together, both of which you may already have in your jewelry box.

I’m loving these two pieces together, because they accentuate the jawline and neck—bringing attention to the curves of the face (while the rest of your curves are tucked away under warm, comfy clothing). Choose your favorite metal (gold, silver, rose gold), and put hoops and chains together for a modern yet classic look.  

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Fun and cute: fuzzy knit cardigans 

Cardigans are a winter basic. This season, fuzzy knit cardigans are all the rage. They’re comfortable enough to lounge in but put-together enough to keep you motivated while working from homeBeige sweaters are a winter accessory that never goes out of style, but this season, cardigans in big, bold checked patterns of browns and reds are also a winter 2020 favorite. 

Winter 2020 fashion trends are heating up

We’re entering into a cold, unforgiving winter in a lot of ways. Don’t forget that fashion is the self-care we all need for 2020. Dressing beautifully—even if you’re just going to the living room—will keep you feeling confident, radiant, motivated.

What are you looking forward to this season? Which winter 2020 fashion trends are you going to rock?  

How to Be a Considerate Shopper During COVID-19

Current Boutique-14th Street Washington, DC location
Current Boutique 1809 14th Street, Washington, DC 20009

How can you be a considerate shopper and make your local community brighter, happier, and more successful?

Times are tough for us all right now. COVID-19 has had a significant impact on fashion, shopping, and our collective mindset. We’re all feeling the strain of being stuck inside, not able to see our friends and family. We’re worried about our loved ones getting sick, and we’re feeling anxious about holiday shopping paired with the crazy crowds. But amidst all that stress, you still have the choice to be kind. Being a considerate shopper is the best gift you can give to your community this holiday season. 

launched Current Boutique with the dream of a safe, happy, gorgeous place that would make quality designer fashion accessible to women. That dream goes beyond just the clothes (we have the clothes part down to a science). I have always dreamt of creating a space that enlightens and empowers shoppers and employees alike; a space where the surrounding community loves to engage with us; and a business that puts people and kindness above all else. 

I’m going to walk you through 6 ways you can help Current Boutique and your community by being a considerate shopper and beautiful human being this season.  

There’s a lot of stress out there

In chatting with my employees they have experienced many different kinds of interactions some negative and some extremely positive. We’ve had some customers coming into the store grumpy and on-edge. Almost all of my employees have expressed concerns about their mental wellbeing as we head into peak season, as more and more customers are taking their frustrations out on them. 

We understand why customers are stressed. 2020 has been a struggle for everyone. But stress isn’t healthy for anyone. (In fact, stress kills!) So what can we do to be even kinder to one another this year? 

We love our customers

We also have to share the flip side of the story. Current Boutique has some of the best customers! There are some regulars who come in that show appreciation and friendship to our employees. They want to build relationships with us just as much as we want to build relationships with them. Their kindness, goodness, and love has kept us going through all of our recent obstacles. It has been so beautiful to build these connections with each and every one of you. 

Thank you to our beautiful clientele who keep us loving, moving forward, and aligned with our mission. We appreciate you so very much. 

How to be a considerate shopper

1. Maintain personal space. 

Social distancing and wearing a mask are the best ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19, while also making employees and other shoppers feel more secure. You don’t know what another person’s situation is—if they live with a sick grandparent or they have an immune disorder (and still have to work). Keeping your distance, following signage, and waiting in line at least 6 feet back is a great way to show you care about other people’s concerns and health. With holiday crowds coming in, a little extra space will be so appreciated this year.

2. Smile with your eyes and words. 

If you’re like me, I tend to show my kindness through physical touch (hugs and handshakes) and smiles, but those aren’t an option right now due to social distancing and masks. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t show your love to others around you.

  • Smile under your mask! Most people can innately discern a true smile “in the eyes” (your eyes crinkle with a genuine smile, and they don’t crinkle with a fake one). So, even if they can’t see your mouth, they’ll be able to sense that you’re smiling. 
  • Make eye contact. Eye contact shows respect. Also, did you know, making eye contact with someone is more likely to make you more empathetic towards them (and vice versa)? A little empathy can go such a long way in times of stress.
  • Say something nice. Words work through the mask. Genuine compliments can make someone’s day (or week, or month) even better! 

Being a considerate shopper might mean going out of your way to lighten the load for others who might feel stressed during this time. One random act of kindness can have a butterfly effect for the entire community! 

3. Use contactless payment if possible. 

Contactless payment is a great way to minimize the spread of germs, and it’s also a lot faster and more convenient for you and the retailer’s employees. We know the holiday season is hectic and you’re short on time. So, something as simple as quick payment can streamline the purchasing process for everyone. Plus, it’ll help keep you, shoppers, and retailers safe and healthy this season.

4. Be a considerate shopper by showing gratitude. 

My employees often share with me how a simple “please” and “thank you” goes such a long way. Retail workers are on their feet all day, running back and forth, while trying to deliver the best possible experience for you. A little appreciation and gratitude for their hard work during these trying times can mean the world to them. You can be their Santa Claus with just a nice word or two.

5. Support local businesses. 

Local businesses are struggling right now. With lockdowns, slower foot traffic, social distancing and cleaning guidelines, and more, businesses have a lot to focus on to keep you safe while you shop—while also keeping revenues up. You can do your part to keep local businesses alive and thriving with just a few easy, simple steps: 

  • Shop local. Local stores like Current Boutique will be thrilled you came in, and you’ll often get a higher level of customer service than you might in big box stores. 
  • Post a positive review on Yelp, Google, Facebook, or other platform you use about your favorite local shops, like Current Boutique. Some stores even offer thank you gifts or discounts to show their appreciation for your reviews. 
  • Follow local businesses on social media. Like their posts and share with friends. It may seem silly, but it can do a lot for local marketing. 
  • If you don’t feel comfortable going in-store, buy online. Some stores offer buy online and pick up in store, or you can have it shipped to your house. You can still support local businesses, even from the comfort of your home. 
  • Buy or give a gift certificate for future spending. This gives your local business some extra leeway and revenue, and gift certificates to local businesses is a beloved and sustainable gift for the holiday 2020 season. Your friends will love the chance to buy gorgeous, quality fashion while supporting a local shop. Stop by your neighborhood Current Boutique to pick up a gift certificate and give the gift of sustainable, stunning fashion this season. 

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6. Love yourself. 

Being a considerate shopper means having low-stress and a love for people… And that outward love has to start with internal love! When you are happy, secure, and loved, you’ll spread that kindness and love with the world. And the world NEEDS your kindness right now.

There are a million ways to show yourself some love in 2020. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

Winter is chilly, but our attitudes don’t have to be! Being a considerate shopper is the best gift you can give to your community this season. Thank you for your spirit, your loyalty, and your love <3

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Fall 2020 Fashion Trend Looks You’ll Love to Wear

We have been fawning over the fall 2020 fashion trends to escape the lockdown blues we’ve all been facing recently. Even though we may not be going out or working in-office as much as we were a year ago, dressing up for fall is definitely on-trend for 2020.  That’s because fashion is self-care. We’ll say it louder for those in the back: fashion is self-care. Dressing in your favorite outfits is one of the best ways to remind your brain that you are worthy of love, of confidence, of style, and of having a great day! And if you’re as passionate about fashion as we are, you can’t let a season slip by without indulging in what makes you happy.

What are some of the “looks” we’re seeing on the runway and on the streets for fall 2020 fashion? And how can you incorporate these trends into your wardrobe—without breaking the bank?

  1. The Preppy Girl 
  2. The Punk Girl 
  3. The Boss Babe 
  4. The Blanket Babe 
  5. The Nude and Neutral 
  6. The Upcycled Beauty

Psst… You’ll see a lot of overlapping trends between these styles—like neutral colors and an emphasis on sustainable clothing options.

1. The Preppy Girl 

We all started the lockdown excited to wear our sweats and PJs all day long. But for most of us, the novelty of the sweats wore off quickly. So quickly, in fact, that fall 2020 fashion is ushering in an entirely different end of the style spectrum: fancy and preppy clothing.

When it comes to preppy, the critical design element is tailored clothing with structured silhouettes. You’re looking for high-quality clothing that accentuates your unique features and “fits like a glove.” The best way to get this classic beauty look without having your clothing custom-tailored is to purchase high-end designer clothing, which is made with fit and finish in mind. If you’re not looking to drop hundreds of dollars on designer pieces this fall, though, you will LOVE shopping consignment. Current Boutique offers the hottest designer pieces at a fraction of their ticket price. Check out these reasons to love shopping consignment

Some of the popular preppy trends in this season:

  • Embellished headbands
  • Pleated skirts
  • Collared necklines 
  • Ribbed sweaters
  • Blazers with large buttons
  • Lace accents
  • Wool vests 
  • Mary Jane heels 
  • Loafers and boat shoes
  • Stripes, polka dots, navy, and black/white
  • Bright, bold colors
  • Cardigans 
  • Tights and sheer leggings
  • Wristwatches
  • Light scarves

Think “Blair Waldorf” and Jackie Kennedy for inspiration. Check out these It Girl Gear pieces to get you started. 

2. The Punk Girl 

Preppy and punk go hand in hand. If one is in style, you can bet there’s an opposing force at work at the same time. ‘90s punk is back, especially when it comes to leather, plaid patterns, and fringe.

Leather was hot last season and we’re still seeing it hit the runway in a big way with names like Versace, Fendi, and Ferragamo showing full-body leather outfits. There’s an emphasis on butter-soft pieces that are elegant enough to strut around town (wearing a mask) while maintaining the level of comfort to which we’ve all grown accustomed at home. We’re seeing a lot of versatile leather pieces in blacks, browns, and burgundies, and we guarantee you’ll want to keep these classic pieces in your wardrobe for years to come. 

Plaid patterns are also really hot right now, especially plaid skirts and pants. We’re not surprised to see plaid come back into style, because some form of this pattern is always present during the autumn fashion season—from cozy flannels to elegant Burberry. This year’s plaid is a little more rocker-ish, like our Rebel Style Star look

Fringe has been around for a few seasons, and it’s still holding its own. In fact, fringe is “in” almost every other season. It’s cyclical but also timeless. Fringe offers texture to clothing to spice up an everyday outfit. Fringe has become an especially punk-cool way to dress up monochromatic outfits. 

3. The Boss Babe 

There’s no denying that one of the hottest trends for fall 2020 fashion is the WFH boss lady. Despite the impacts of COVID-19 on work life and fashion, motivated women are pushing forward to be the best polished professionals they can be. Before lockdown, skirt-suits were a popular trend. But now, women are looking for a higher level of comfort while maintaining professionalism and elegance. In a Zoom world, that means gorgeous work-ready blouses—not full suits and tight pants. 

That’s why statement collars are especially trendy this season. A super-sized or bold collar makes a splash on Zoom that catches the eye and draws attention to what you have to say in the virtual meeting. The right eye-catching clothing can make you even more interesting than the puppy that’s annoying your colleagues behind the screen. Large necklaces and earrings are also trending for the same reason. Bold blouses and plain pants are the movement for work attire this season.

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Browse these sustainable (and totally affordable) boss lady pieces

4. The Blanket Babe 

When the workday is done (or at least when your Zoom meetings are done), there’s nothing quite like cozying up for fall in warm, comfy clothes. What we’re loving this year are that our favorite comfy blankets have actually worked their way into the fashion world. Blanket wraps have become a must-have for every lady because you can go from watching Netflix to grocery shopping to outdoor dining without changing your outerwear. Plus, blanket wraps will keep you warm and toasty as the weather starts to cool down. (I can smell the pumpkin spice now!) You’ll look great and feel good in your work from home clothes, guaranteed.

In keeping with the blanket theme, a lot of patchwork has also made its way to the runway for fall 2020 fashion. Patchwork isn’t for everyone, but it’s a really unique look that can make you totally stand out while also having a historically classic vibe.  

Other comfortable clothing trends that are hot for fall 2020 fashion include faux fur (for a warm yet refined look) and cashmere sweaters (which are always in if you ask us). Check out these eco-friendly clothing materials that will keep you warm this season. 

You deserve to feel comfortable and look great with these couch-side career pieces

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5. The Nude and Neutral 

Neutral colors are evergreen. They’re always going to be in style, and they look good on everyone. Neutrals are especially “hot” this season because women are looking to save money and invest in quality, long-lasting pieces. Since neutrals never go out of style, that makes them totally in-style for the smart fashionista. 

Nudes are especially popular this fall like deep browns, camel, and beige. We’re also seeing a lot of grays and blushes as part of the “new neutral” that girls are falling in love with.  

For a little bolder take, we’re also seeing a lot of geometric shape patterns atop neutral colors. This includes abstract lines and dots—and the bolder the better when it comes to the geometric trend. We think geometric neutrals are hot this season because people are itching to break out of their COVID-19 rut and be brave, adventurous, and exciting with their wardrobes. We’re all for it! 

We created a safari neutrals trend in our shop because we’re seeing that a lot of girls want to take the neutral color and twist it to make it a little more daring. From cream wide-leg trousers to neutral leopard prints to wool fringe vests, this subsection of our shop is for the girl looking to keep it timeless yet distinctive. 

6. The Upcycled Beauty

We’ve saved the best (and hottest trend) for last. Upcycled garments have officially made their way to the runway, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Designers and consumers alike are focusing on sustainable materials and using resources that are already in circulation to create this season’s styles.

By reusing clothing or buying secondhand, you’re saving money, saving the environment, and revolutionizing your wardrobe. This year, people have been dispelling the myths about consignment stores and realizing that buying preloved clothing is one of the BEST solutions to meet all your fashion needs.

Some of the incredible benefits of shopping secondhand:

  • Good consignment shops only resell higher quality, healthier clothing (which is good for your wellness)
  • It’s more sustainable for the environment (good for the world)
  • Used clothing costs less but still looks AMAZING (good for the wallet)
  • Trendy and timeless, with a style that’s totally your own (good for the wardrobe)
  • More benefits here

Not sure how to start shopping the secondhand and upcycled beauty trend? Visit these 7 websites to shop secondhand designer clothing

Want to make a little extra dough this season? Consider doing a quarantine closet cleanout! It’s good for your closet, good for your wallet, and even good for your mental health! Current Boutique also purchases clothes from you, so you can make money while minimalizing.  

Whatever your style is, whether you love animal prints or muted florals, chilling out or dressing up, you can find the highest quality pieces at the lowest possible price with Current Boutique. At a fraction of their original price, you get access to in-trend and timeless pieces without breaking the bank. That’s fashion we love.

If you want to be on-trend for fall 2020 fashion while staying comfy and budget-friendly, start browsing Current Boutique for the styles you’ll fall in love with.