How to Gorgeously Glow Up From The Inside Out

“Glow up” has become a popular trend for gurus and influencers. So I wanted to jump on board to see what the hype was all about. And after my own glow up, I am a total believer! 

Glow ups are about way more than just a physical makeover. Any influencers claiming that a glow up is designed to solely “make you prettier” is definitely missing the point. 

A “glow” comes from the inside out. Being “prettier” is just a consequence of taking better care of your physical and mental health, feeling more confident, and doing more good in the world. 

A glow up is about living a glowing, beautiful life

In this article, I’m giving you super-specific tips that you can implement in your life to have an incredible 2020 glow up for yourself. 

So let’s get glowing!

Why Glow Up?

What’s the purpose of a glow up? 

  • Feel healthier and stronger
  • Learn more about yourself and your health
  • Develop good habits (and minimize bad ones)
  • Feel and look happier (a smile always glows!)
  • Be more focused on giving
  • Grow more confident

The most important part of a glow up is an increased sense of confidence! Confidence can come in a lot of forms, and each of our tips and tidbits in this guide help you fall even more in love with yourself1

One Glow Per Week 

A quick (but important) tip about your glow up process. 

A lot of women are Googling “glow up overnight” or “glow up in a week”—but permanent change can NOT happen overnight. The goal here isn’t speed. You want this glow up to be a lifelong transformation that will have lasting impacts on your health and happiness. So don’t rush it! 

I recommend making one change per week, or even one every other week. Focus 7 days on one specific change and see what it does for you. 

It’s going to take time to see results, but don’t get discouraged. It will happen in due time when it’s meant to for you.

I’m so proud of you for taking the first step towards a renewed sense of life! 

Glow Up… Your Emotions

Your emotions are the basis of your experience of life. Stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and exhaustion will instantly shrink your glow. Happiness, excitement, optimism, and joy will revitalize the glow on your face. 

So every glow up has to start with mastering your emotions. 

Learn about emotions. 

High emotional intelligence can completely transform your life. Recognizing that we are in complete control of our emotions can give us a new and higher level of confidence and happiness. When you can control your emotional responses, you control your. life.

Some resources to get you started on your emotional journey: 

Surround yourself with positive people.

You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. Spend time with negative, gossipy, or critical people and you’ll start to act the same way. We are much happier when we’re surrounded by people who light us up, support us, and love us on a deep level. 

How do you know if you’re spending time with the right people? There’s one simple question to answer:

Do you feel drained or invigorated after hanging out with this person? 

If you’re not feeling energized and happier after being with someone, they might be detracting from your personal glow. You have permission to change your circle to lift you up. 

Keeping good company: why you should surround yourself with good people

Meditate (in your own way). 

Meditation is about quieting your mind, removing negative thoughts, and getting into a more centered headspace. It has incredible benefits for physical, mental, and emotional health—from reducing stress to slowing the aging process to boosting your immune system. 

Meditation doesn’t have to be daunting. There are a lot of different types of meditating that can work for you. It’s not all sitting quietly trying to think of nothing, if that’s not what you want to do. Find the meditation style that works for you!

Repeat your daily affirmations. 

Meditation is a great way to slow down, but sometimes you also need a little hype up, right? Daily affirmations literally reprogram your unconscious mind to believe whatever it is you’re saying.  

What we think is what we are. 

So if you say, “I am beautiful,” you’ll start to feel more beautiful. Or if you get really specific, it’s more likely to true. For example, if you say “I will. live where there are palm trees,” you’re likely to end up on a palm tree-lined street one day. 

So this might be the most important part of your glow up! Whatever you want to work on—whether it’s making more money, giving more to others, or feeling happier in your clothes—an affirmation can help you reach your goals. 

Learn more about daily affirmations—and how to create them for yourself. 

Avoid decision fatigue. 

“Decision fatigue” is a real thing! You can actually wear yourself out by making too many decisions. That’s why so many successful CEOs wear the same outfit every day. It’s not that they hate fashion. They’re just trying to minimize their wardrobe selection, so they can save their “decision energy” for other areas of their life. I definitely don’t recommend wearing the same thing every day, of course. Dressing up in new, exciting outfits is the fun of fashion (and of life)! 

But I do recommend minimizing the amount of items in your closet. Cut it down to those pieces that you’re absolutely in love with, so you can never go “wrong” with your decision.

When it’s easier to choose what to wear, you’ll feel great in your clothes and you’ll have a clearer mental space to focus on other areas of your life as well. 

Glow Up… Your Skin 

Taking care of your skin is a great way to glow more on the outside—but it also gives you time to focus on self-care, which is so important for your mental and emotional health.

Give yourself a weekly facial.

Once a week, take 20-30 minutes out of your day to focus solely on skincare. This is the perfect time to relax and rejuvenate, taking time out of your day just for you. 

  • Start by cleansing your skin with warm water (to help open your pores).
  • Exfoliate with a gentle exfoliator. (Exfoliating off your dead skin once or twice a week will give you an instant glow.)
  • Apply a face mask made with fresh, natural ingredients. 
  • Use a cotton pad to gently apply a toner to your skin. 
  • Use a serum to give your face a gentle massage. 
  • End with a moisturizer that will lock in all the goodness from your facial. 

Make sure all of your products are chemical-free to avoid doing damage to your skin. Check out your products on EWG’s Skin Deep database to see your products’ healthiness and eco-friendliness score. 

Use a daily SPF. 

The sun gives you that gorgeous tan—but the UV rays can also do serious damage (in the short- and long-term) to your skin. Even if you’re not spending the day sun tanning, a few UV rays here and there as you walk to and from your car can add up to a lot of damage over time. 

So you should be wearing SPF every day to protect your skin from harmful rays. We recommend using a morning moisturizer with SPF15/30 in it. There are a lot of light, non-greasy moisturizers out there that won’t weigh your skin down while they protect you from the harsh rays.

Glow up… Your Makeup and Hair.

This is the part most people focus on with a glow up. Because it’s super fun!

But you don’t need to completely change everything and go from natural to totally done up. I’m all about enhancing and upgrading your current go-to routine. Just take it to the next level with a few easy shifts.

Have fun with a makeup makeover.

Go to a makeup counter and get a mini makeover! Sephora workers love applying makeup on customers who are interested in a glow up. They’ll be able to give you specific tips about what looks best for your face and style, and you can have a fun experience in the process. 

Be really specific with them about what you want to try. You want products that are without chemicals and/or cruelty-free, for example. You’ll also want to let them know which features you want to accentuate—like eyes, lips, or cheekbones.

Also be honest about how much makeup you use now. Remember that you don’t want to make a lot of huge changes, because they probably won’t stick! So if you take 10 minutes to do your makeup now, you probably don’t want an hour long routine. 

Add white eyeliner to your repertoire. 

This is one of my favorite tips, and I think you’ll love it too. Line the corner of your eye (the corner close to your nose) with white eyeliner. Draw along the waterline of your eyes, so it’s not very visible. The white actually lightens and brightens the look of your eyes, which makes you look more awake and vibrant! 

Remove makeup with microfiber cloths. 

Make sure you always remove your makeup before going to sleep! Waking up with mascara raccoon eyes or cakey foundation is super bad for your skin. It clogs pores that can cause breakouts and wrinkles.

To take even better care of your skin, remove makeup with microfiber cloths as opposed to harsh makeup remover wipes or alcohol. Just use a light cleanser, like micellar water, and swipe a microfiber cloth over your face to easily remove makeup. This ensures you’re not using chemicals on your skin, and the microfiber towel helps reduce micro-tearing of your skin that can lead to fine lines and wrinkles. 

Try out new hairstyles. 

Do you measure phases of your life based on the hairstyle you wore the most… or is that just me? “That was my side ponytail phase.” or “Oh, that’s when I had bangs.” 

It’s fun to have a go-to hairstyle, but a little bit of novelty every once in a while can have a huge impact on our appearance. So don’t be afraid to try out different hairstyles to what looks and feels best on you! Even going from a high ponytail to a high bun can change your mood and your style. 

I find that even just switching up where I part my hair can make a difference! (Changing your part every once in a while also helps keep volume in the roots of your hair.)

Rinse your hair with cold water. 

Hot water strips your skin and hair of its moisture. If you tend to take hot showers, it could be doing damage to your hair. But you don’t have to stop the luxury of the hot shower. 

Shower as normal. At the very end of your shower, turn the water to cold (or at least lukewarm, if you can’t stand the cold). The cold water will help lock in moisture and restore the strength of your hair strands, so it’s less likely to break off or dry out during the day. 

Tip: Use a microfiber towel to dry your hair and minimize damage even more. 

Know how to shampoo and condition. 

Shampoo should focus on the scalp. This helps remove oil and dirt that accumulate on your scalp throughout the day. A clarifying shampoo once a week can especially help cleanse your hair and restore its natural pH. 

Focus your conditioner on the ends of your hair. This helps prevent split ends and maintain the strength of your hair. Avoid putting conditioner on the scalp, as this can cause the scalp to be oily and weigh down the roots (so you’ll have flatter, finer hair).

Glow Up… Your Health

Glowing up isn’t just about how your body looks. It’s about living a healthier life so you look and feel and live better

Drink more water. 

Staying hydrated is the best way to improve your health. It’s good for your skin, hair, nails, and your organs! Dehydration is the primary reason people look and feel fatigued! 

You should be drinking at least half your weight (in ounces) of water. So if you weigh 140lbs, you should aim for at least 70oz of water per day. 

Tip: Invest in a pretty BPA-free water bottle. This will encourage you to drink more water, and it will minimize negative impact on the environment too!

Exercise every day.

Just 15 mins of movement every day can change your life—and make you absolutely glow. Exercise is great for your skin, your health, your physical appearance, your mood, your hormones, and your confidence. 

Do any sort of exercise that makes you happy! Whether it’s going to the gym, dancing, or taking the dog for a walk, it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you’re moving and having fun with it on a regular basis! 

Minimize exposure to chemicals. 

There are chemicals and toxins everywhere around us—affecting us all the time. These chemicals are actually worsening our health, and they’re killing the environment around us. So it’s best to avoid exposure whenever possible.

Where should you especially be on the lookout for hidden chemicals?

  • Fast fashion (fast fashion is made with a lot of chemicals that can seep into your skin; but high quality fashion is made with fewer chemicals and toxins that won’t harm you or the environment)
  • Personal care products (especially avoid parabens, dyes, and fragrances)
  • Foods (opt for organic, without pesticides, and antibiotic free foods)
  • Household cleaning products (choose natural solutions or DIY your own with essential oils)

Trust me. The fewer chemicals in your life, the better you’ll feel and the healthier you’ll be! 

Not sure where to start? Check out our resource with the 7 best eco-friendly and healthy fabrics and the 3 to avoid

Try a sugar cleanse.

Try not eating sugar for a week or two and see what it does to your skin, energy, and health. You’ll be feeling way better, I guarantee it! 

If you eat a lot of sugar, a cleanse will be hard at first. Your body will crave it, thinking it needs it for energy. But if you stick to the cleanse, you’ll start to crave sugar less and less. Suddenly, you won’t crave it at all. Then, you can make sugar more of a treat than a lifestyle—and you’ll see your appearance and health radically transform. 

Talk to a doctor before making any changes in your diet, especially if you have an insulin-related condition. 

Brush your teeth with a whitening toothpaste. 

A bright, white smile is an easy fix that can make your entire face glow. And when you feel good about your teeth, you’ll be encouraged to open your mouth and SMILE. 

So a simple glow-up technique is just to implement a whitening toothpaste or whitening strips to remove years of coffee and tea from your enamel. 

Focus on your posture. 

Standing up straight can instantly change your appearance and your mood. There are so many incredible benefits to good posture—including less pain, a flatter stomach, and a happier mood. 

Learn how to correct your posture with the American Chiropractic Association. (Youtube videos are helpful too!) 

Glow Up… Your Wardrobe

What you wear affects how you think and feel. There’s scientific proof that our clothing impacts our psychology. So just a little wardrobe upgrade can do wonders for your glow up! 

P.S. Check out this ULTIMATE personal style quiz to rock your wardrobe in a way that you’ll absolutely love! 

Find what accentuates your features. 

There’s no one “right” way to dress. Everyone has a different body type with unique features, so you want to dress in a way that accentuates the uniqueness that is YOU. That doesn’t mean showing more or less skin; it simply means dressing in a way that brings out your best and makes you feel great. 

Learn more about how to accentuate your features with this piece by Whowhatwear.

Own clothes that you love. 

You want to look in your closet and get excited. You don’t want to dread the process of getting dressed in the morning—because that can put a damper on the rest of your day. If you only own clothes that you love, you’ll wear confidence-boosting outfits every single day. Over time, that can have a huge impact on how you feel about yourself and your body! 

If you put on an article of clothing that makes you cringe in the mirror, sell it or donate it. Don’t keep things that don’t bring you joy, like Marie Kondo preaches

Invest in designer pieces. 

Designer pieces are designer for a reason. They’re high quality and made with timeless—yet trendy—fashion in mind. Quality clothes fit better, look better, and feel better! 

Quality clothes are made for a quality woman. Find out more about why this is so important for your physical and mental glow up here… It really is the key to the whole process! 

You don’t have to hurt your wallet if you want to incorporate more quality designer items into your closet. That’s one of the reasons preloved fashion is the hottest craze right now! Buy designer clothes on consignment for an incredible deal! 

Plus… if you buy designer clothing, you might be able to resell it on consignment one day and make a good chunk of your money back! You can’t do that with fast fashion. 

ReadHow to buy quality clothing like an expert designer

Wear clothes that fit. 

Dress for today. Too many people make the mistake of keeping jeans that are too small or dresses that are too big. Clothes that fit well can make all the difference in going from drab to fab! 

Note: If you’re in the process of losing weight, it’s okay to have some jeans that are a few sizes smaller to keep you motivated. But you still want jeans that fit today, otherwise you risk damaging your confidence in the process. 


You can even make sweatpants look fashionable with the right accessories! You could wear a little black dress every single day, and it can look completely different based on the jewelry, scarves, glasses, hats, and shoes you wear! 

Check out these 11 tricks to perfectly accessorize… as well as these 9 winter accessories that NEVER go out of style

Glow Up… Your Impact

We always feel better when we’re giving more than when we’re taking. There’s something magical about the connection we can create with other people and with the environment when we focus on others, rather than on ourselves.

When you glow up, you want to make sure you’re adding even more beauty and love to the world! It will create a more authentic, lasting, and stunning glow!  

Buy sustainable clothing.

One of the simplest and most effective ways you can minimize your negative impact on the environment is to buy sustainable clothing. When you invest in circular fashion, you reduce expended resources and waste, you minimize the use of chemicals (that contribute to pollution), and you encourage healthy social practices for laborers. Plus, it’s better for your health too!

You’ll LOVE this article— Save the Earth, Save your closet: How sustainable fashion is changing the world

Give your clothing new life.

Another way to help the environment is by not throwing out your clothing. There’s a huge textile waste problem worldwide, especially in America. Rather than ditching your clothing, consider selling them to Current Boutique or donating them to a local homeless shelter. You’ll reduce the textiles ending up in landfills, and you can make some extra cash in the process! 

Do a random act of kindness. 

Has a stranger ever made your day just by doing something nice, like holding the door or giving you a compliment? Be that light in someone else’s day! With just one or two acts of kindness, you never know whose life you might change! 

Get some good ideas for acts of kindness here

Try volunteering. 

Getting involved with the community is a great way to get out of your own bubble and really become a part of something “bigger” than yourself. There are so many options for volunteering out there, from spending time at a local animal shelter to feeding the homeless at a soup kitchen to mentoring people in your area. A quick Google search can help you come up with some good ideas.

Find a cause that speaks to you and dedicate yourself to it! 

Glow Up… Your Skills

Growth is the key to life. Like a flower, if we’re not growing, we’re dying. So focus on glowing up your “growth,” and you’re guaranteed to feel more confident and bright in response! 

Learn something new.

Take a class at your local community college. Join Masterclass. Check Groupon for local classes. Even watch YouTube videos and Ted talks! 

Take some personality quizzes.

I love taking legitimate personality quizzes to learn more about my natural strengths, how to emphasize those strengths, and how to grow further in areas where I’m not as strong. The more you know yourself, the more you can follow your life’s path.

Check out Huffpost’s list of the 7 online personality quizzes worth taking

Note: These can tell you a lot about yourself, but take them with a grain of salt. They’re just a starting point to help you learn more about the beauty that is you! 

Set glow up goals. 

What is the purpose of your glow up? What are you trying to achieve in the short-term and the long-term? Setting goals is the best way to know where you’re headed and WHY you’re headed there, so you can make an effective course of action. Move with a purpose and you’re bound to see major success.

Learn how to set SMART goals for your life here

Glow Up… Your Confidence

If you even implement three or four of the items on this list, you are guaranteed to feel more confident, beautiful, and brilliant than ever before. 

And that’s what a glow up is all about! It’s about taking your life to the next level in a well-rounded (and exciting) way! 

How do YOU glow up? Tag us on social media with your glow up ideas and pics! We want your input on what makes you feel gorgeous and glowing! 

15 Winter Fashion Hacks For A Gorgeous Cold-Weather Ensemble

Dressing for winter can be a chilly challenge. You need some winter fashion hacks to get through it all! You want to bundle up for the cold, but then you’re sweating in your heated office or at a full-house family gathering. You walk outside and you’re full of static cling and your hair goes in a million directions. Your sweaters aren’t keeping well, and your shoes keep getting wet and salty. 

What do you do? 

Don’t worry. Current Boutique has got your back. We’ve gathered our the ultimate winter fashion hacks for all of your cold-weather dressing needs. Take notes, because these life hacks will completely change your life! 

1. Did your shoes get wet in the snow? 

Warming your shoes with a hairdryer or heater can actually ruin your shoes, especially leather and suede one. Stuffing some newspaper inside your shoes will help absorb excess moisture, which dries your shoes quickly and safely. The newspaper can also help shoes retain their shape and not “fall” due to the moisture. 

2. Want to stay warm while wearing a dress? 

Tights are your ultimate winter accessory and one of our favorite winter fashion hacks. Slip on a pair of tights under a dress as a barrier between your skin and the harsh winter wind. They’ll keep your legs warm, so you can rock that gorgeous short dress without sacrificing comfort and safety.

I always find that restaurants get so hot, probably because of all the people, the roaring fire, and the drinks flowing. So the best part of wearing tights under your dress is that you can run into the bathroom, slip off your tights, and hide them in your purse if you get too warm. 

Fashion tip: Black tights create a slimming and lengthening look. Plus, black tights look great with most dresses. Pair with neutral tan heels and you have a gorgeous, easy, and warm winter look! 

3. Do your tights get ripped or damaged easily? 

If you want to prevent a run in your tights from worsening or prevent a run altogether, spray your tights with a strong hairspray before putting them on. This helps temporarily strengthen the fibers during wear. 

If you’ve just bought new tights, you can take preventative steps to strengthen your tights by freezing them before wearing. The cold temperature permanently fortifies the fibers, so they’ll last longer without running or thinning. Here’s how to freeze your tights:

  • Run the tights under cool water. 
  • Wring out the water. 
  • Place tights in a plastic bag and seal. 
  • Freeze overnight. 
  • The next day, let the tights thaw. 
  • Put them on and wear as usual. Now they’re strong and enduring!

4. Still can’t get your temperature right? 

There’s nothing worse than going from the cold outdoors to a sweltering office. If you find yourself sweating midday in the heat of your office attach a thin underarm liner to the underarms of your sweaters or long-sleeves to prevent sweat marks. Sometimes the weirdest winter fashion hacks work the best– try it out! Also, try these Numi undershirts with built-in protection. They have been a lifesaver for me.

5. Did your sweater shrink in the wash? 

This is our worst nightmare: your favorite sweater has just shrunk in the washer. 

Thankfully, natural fibers like wool and cashmere are easy to bring back to their normal size. Synthetic fibers are less likely to stretch and return to their shape. That’s just another reason to buy natural, sustainable fabrics

So what should you do if you notice a shrunken sweater?

  • Don’t put it in the dryer. Most sweaters shouldn’t go in the dryer, because the heat can shrink sweaters beyond repair. 
  • Fill a sink or tub with enough warm water to soak your sweater. 
  • Add two tablespoons of fabric softener or baby shampoo. 
  • Let the sweater soak for 30 minutes.
  • Remove from the water. Squeeze gently to remove excess water. Don’t wring it, because this could ruin its shape. 
  • Put the sweater flat on a clean towel. Roll it in the towel to remove more water. 
  • Stretch it uniformly on all sides, and shape it to its original form. 
  • Lay flat to dry. Don’t hang, as this can stretch out the sweater abnormally. 

Didn’t work? Get more winter fashion hacks for un-shrinking a sweater with The Spruce

6. Is your sweater pilling? 

A lot of people recommend using a razor to shave the pills off your sweater, but this can thin your fabric and shorten the life of your sweater. Instead, we recommend using a natural pumice stone. Use light strokes that gently graze the surface of your sweater. The pumice stone will pull up any pills or excess material without damaging the sweater beneath. Just be careful not to add too much pressure, as the pumice stone could get caught on the sweater itself. 

7. Is your sweater itchy?

Itchy sweaters are the worst. You love the way you look, but hate the way they feel—so they end up wasting space in your closet all season (and all year) long. But you can soften even the itchiest sweater with a little white vinegar and hair conditioner. 

  • Soak the sweater in cold water and a few tablespoons of white vinegar. Let sit for 15 minutes. 
  • Remove from water. Gently massage high-quality hair conditioner into the sweater. Let sit for 15-30 minutes. 
  • Rinse the conditioner out with cool water. Lay sweater flat to dry. 

Make sure you use natural, organic hair conditioner. You don’t want to add chemicals to your clothing and, by extension, your skin. 

NoteQuality cashmere actually isn’t all that soft when you buy it. It will naturally soften with wear and use, though, so don’t use this trick on your quality cashmere.

8. Is your sweater shedding? 

Cashmere and wool sweaters are the best. They’re natural and sustainable, plus they feel the softest and last the longest. Their only issue is that they occasionally “shed.” If this is the case, toss the sweater in the freezer (in a plastic bag) for a few hours before each wear. This strengthens the fibers, so you won’t see that pilling and shedding. 

9. Don’t know how to store your sweater? 

Hanging your sweater is a no-go. Gravity pulls your sweater downwards, while the hanger arms can stretch the neck and shoulders.

Instead, I recommend folding your sweater and stacking them vertically. The problem with this, though, is that you only end up wearing the sweaters at the top of your pile. 

So even better, hang your sweater the rightway. This saves room in your closet and protects the life of your sweaters. Learn how to hang your sweaters here

10. Feeling static-y?

Static is common in winter because the air is drier. Moisture in the air in warmer climates helps dissipate electrons; but dry air collects a charge and creates that “shock” of static electricity. (Learn the science of winter static here.)

So how do you prevent static from ruining a good hair day or sticking your clothes to your body? 

First, wipe a dryer sheet on your hair or over your clothing to eliminate and prevent static. I even keep a few dryer sheets in my purse to swipe on if the static is getting the best of me. 

Prevent hat hair by wearing natural fibers, like cashmere and wool. Synthetic fabrics actually create more static and worsen hat hair!

Also, you can hide a safety pin inside your clothes, especially sweaters and dresses. The safety pin “stops” electricity in its tracks, so you won’t feel that static prickling over your skin.

11. Are your fingers and toes always cold? 

Mittens are warmer than gloves, because the skin-to-skin contact retains warmth. If you’re not using your hands a lot, mittens are the way to go to keep your hands happy and warm. 

Don’t skimp on socks for winter. When it’s cold outside, it’s worth it to have quality socks made from sustainable fibers like wool and cashmere. 

Psst… If your wool socks always fall down into your boots, wear ankle socks over them to help keep them in place.

12. Want to waterproof your shoes? 

You can help keep your shoes, especially canvas shoes, safe from the snow and moisture by using beeswax.

  • Clean your shoes, so you don’t trap dirt inside. 
  • Test a portion of the beeswax on a small portion of the shoe, to make sure it won’t damage the shoe.
  • Rub a beeswax par or pastille all over your shoe. 
  • Heat the wax with a hairdryer, so the wax will settle into the fibers. 
  • Let set for at least 10 minutes. 

Don’t use this tactic on suede or leather shoes. Instead, invest in a leather waterproof spray

13. Are your shoes stinky and dirty?

Sprinkle some baking soda in your boots to help absorb and neutralize odors. You can also spritz white vinegar inside to get rid of the smell (the white vinegar smell will dissipate after a few minutes). 

You can also try out charcoal deodorizers in your shoes (or other smelly places) to naturally remove odors and keep your shoes smelling fresh! 

14. Do your shoes have salt marks? 

A little water and white vinegar should do the trick to remove salt marks from your shoes. Dampen a fresh cloth with just a little water and a dash of white vinegar. Rub over the soul of your shoes. This should remove salt and dirt in just a few swipes. 

15. Feel like you’re spending way too much money this season?

This is the most important hack we can give… 

Everyone spends more money in the winter. You’re buying presents for loved ones, you’re treating yourself to a couple extra hot cocoas and coffees day, and you’re taking trips to warm (or cold) destinations. So don’t spend even more money buying winter clothes that are super expensive. 

You can still buy high-quality winter clothes and gifts that are good for the environment, look absolutely stunning, and will keep you warm… 

Shop consignment! You get the best designer winter clothes at a fraction of the price. See why preloved fashion is the hottest craze for winter 2019 and beyond!

Psst… secondhand items make great gifts as well! 

Want other winter fashion hacks to keep your winter ensemble gorgeous? 

Check out these 10 easy hacks to make your clothes last longer

With just a few tips and tricks, you can look and feel super stylin’ this season. Which winter fashion hacks are your favorite?

6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting A Fashion Business

Thank you Arlington Magazine for the cover feature!

When I was starting a fashion business and consignment shop back in 2007, I expected to run into some obstacles and challenges. Most entrepreneurs are optimistic, but we’re also practical and pragmatic.

I knew it wouldn’t be easy. I knew there would be ups and downs. Launching a new business is like having your first newborn: a lot of sleepless nights, a lot of stress, and a lot of “am I even doing this right?” and “am I cut out for this?” But there’s also a lot of excitement and hope when looking towards the future. (Working moms, you know what I’m talking about!)

You know it’s going to be new and hard–but you’re also sure it’s worth it.

Here I  am, going on my 13th year in business. After over a decade, I’m still growing and learning about business every single day. And I fall more in love with my business-baby with each passing week! 

Still, like having a newborn, there are some things I’d wish I’d known before going into business. Some tips and tricks to keep my head on straight while amidst the whirlwind of my new business. 

So I’m giving it to you straight today. What do you need to know when starting a fashion business or other type of organization?

1. You need to have a strong passion for the mission.

I have always loved bargain shopping. But more than that, I love high-quality craftsmanship and sustainability. 

I was getting frustrated with the fashion industry, which (in 2007) was at the brink of the fast-fashion explosion. Quality was decreasing while waste was increasing, which was putting a huge strain on our economy and environment.

I saw an opening to create a store that would meet the needs of today’s busy, modern woman. That woman who wants a trendy yet timeless wardrobe, always current and fashionable while also emphasizing sustainability and quality. So I decided to create not just a store but a community of fashion lovers–women who could sell their pre-loved designer items and find new hot pieces (at bargain prices) for their ever-revolving wardrobe! 

My mission stays true to this day. Quality, sustainability, and fashion are the three pillars of our brand, and they permeate every decision we make. 

Now for the hard truth. That passion and drive was only half the battle. It’s critical to business success, because it’s that passion that lays the foundation for everything else. 

But then you have to build on top of that foundation. You have to get the merchandise in-store, you have to figure out how to replenish and prep the goods, you have to hire people, you have to fire people, you have to stay compliant and do taxes, you have to make sure your pipes don’t leak in the warehouse and in-store… You are responsible for every detail and decision of that business. 

What I realized, though, was that it was my passion for the brand’s mission that kept me going. With all of the chaos of starting a new business, I kept my “purpose” in mind. Nothing felt all that overwhelming because I knew what I was reaching for and why. No decision was too hard, because I made choices in alignment with my mission. 

So here’s the first tip that can change the way you approach your new business:

Know what you’re in business for. Believe in it with every fiber of your heart and soul. See your business as the vessel to achieving that mission. 

2. You don’t “work for yourself.”

One of the biggest draws to entrepreneurship is the idea that you get to work for yourself. No boss, no problems, right? 

It’s true that you may not have anyone above you telling you what to do. But… 

  1. That means you’re the sole decision-maker and responsibility taker. And that can be stressful and frightening (yet sometimes exhilarating). 
  2. You still have a responsibility to your customers and employees. Your “boss” is everyone involved in your business. Your job is to make your employees and clients happy first and foremost. 

So don’t think you’re going to go into work and do whatever you feel like doing that day. Nope. Your job is to always be available for anything and everything your business “community” needs. Your employees and customers run the show! 

“Freedom” of schedule doesn’t mean you don’t still have a responsibility to your clients and employees. 

3. Don’t ride the roller coaster. 

When I was starting a fashion business, I was mentally preparing myself for “the highs and lows” of business. Owning a business is both blissful and stressful, exhilarating and frightening. 

And you’re going to be on a roller coaster ride. It’s thrilling and unpredictable. You’ll fail 100 times, and you’ll pick yourself up and push for success over and over again. There are some horrible days and some days that are just too incredible to put into words. You might feel extreme joy and extreme fear even within a single day! 

But you can’t let yourself “give in” to the roller coaster. You can’t let the bad days bring you down. And you can’t let the good days cloud your judgment. 

Instead of the idea of “riding” the roller coaster of business, I like to imagine myself as the operator of the coaster. You get to watch those ups and downs from the sideline, but you keep your distance from it. You maintain a level-headedness and composure that allows you to enjoy the thrill without jeopardizing your business with too much emotion.

Enjoy the ride, but make decisions from the operator’s seat. 

4. There’s no safety net. 

You’re responsible for everything. And you’re going to feel stress. A lot of it. Starting a fashion business or other brand creates a deep level of pressure that non-entrepreneurs simply don’t understand. 

You’ll be dealing with everything from recessions to insurance rate increases, supplier mishaps to competition, tech problems to managing personnel. Even when you make a “good decision,” it can come with side effects that can create a whole slew of problems. 

These aren’t just business stressors, either. These choices can put your business and your livelihood at risk. 

I don’t tell you this to scare you. But it does mean that in order to make it as a business owner, you need a tough skin and great coping mechanisms. It’s time to start learning how you’ll deal with stress, so you don’t let it affect your business or health.

You are going to face a lot of risk. But the biggest risk of all is never taking any risks. 

5. Building a team is one of the best parts. 

Along with having a personal passion for your mission, there’s something really special (and even magical) about building a team that also believes in your mission. You get to curate a community with the same desires and purpose, all working towards the same goals together. 

Cultivating this kind of team can be one of the most rewarding aspects of being a leader. 

You’re also responsible for the lives of your employees. You handle their wages, their healthcare, their work-life balance, and even their happiness. You’re responsible for their growth and learning, and you can continue to push and promote them to the next stages of their professional lives.

I absolutely love creating a culture that makes my employees happy and excited to come to work. There’s no greater feeling than seeing smiling employees and customers walk through your doors. You’re responsible for those smiles!

Starting a business is hard work, but being a leader is one of the most gratifying and enriching opportunities out there. 

6. Starting a fashion business is a lifestyle, not a job. 

You’re never off the clock. Forget about “clocking out” at 5pm. 

Even if you leave the office or the store, you’re still “on” 24/7. You’re solving problems, thinking about how to grow your business, making adjustments. Your brain isn’t your own anymore. It belongs to the business. 

Still, you definitely don’t want to neglect your home life. For most new entrepreneurs, this is the hardest part. You have to figure out how to blend and integrate “home” and “work” into a single lifestyle that makes you happy. 

Hopefully, your family is supportive of your dreams and wants you to succeed in your business. So it’s fun to include them in your excitement and tell them about what’s going on, so your business and home life can grow in tandem. 

It’s not a work-life “balance.” Try to nurture a work-life integration

I love this life with Current Boutique!

Starting a fashion business is hard. Owning a business as it grows and expands can be even harder. There are failures and stressors, and there are a lot of learning opportunities. 

But I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Our mission, our team, and our experiences here at Current Boutique make this crazy entrepreneurship lifestyle the only way I want to live. 

If you’re looking to start a business yourself, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll reach out to you directly! I love connecting with and supporting other entrepreneurs in their journey. I’m here for you- let’s grow this world together!  

10 Winter 2019 Fashion Trends That Are Totally Irresistible (and Sustainable!)

I’ve been very excited for Winter this year, maybe it’s because winter fashion trends for 2019 are so gorgeous, unique, and fun! 

I’m giving you the rundown on the hottest winter 2019 fashion trends, so you can see if any tickle your fancy this season. Remember, though, that timeless, sustainable fashion never goes out of style!  Enjoy my list of 10 Winter 2019 Fashion Trends That Are Totally Irresistible (and Sustainable!)

1. Overall: Western 

There is Western everything popping up on the runways and in street fashion. But this trend is a little different than what you might initially think of. Ladies are taking cowboy style and making it sophisticated.

The trend has been dubbed “urban cowboy,” taking the country into the city for a cool juxtaposition that’s strikingly eye-catching. You’ll find all kinds of fashion brands getting involved with this western trend, from cute cowboy hats to leather boots to chunky belts. Denim and leather reign supreme in this style. 

2. Print: plaid 

The hottest print this season is plaid. It’s back to those (oh-so-comfortable) days of plaid flannel shirts paired with denim for an effortless cowboy look. Plaid skirts and sweaters are also making an appearance everywhere we look, so pull out those timeless holiday red and white plaid sweaters and you’ll instantly be 100% on-trend. 

3. Decade: ‘90s

Oversized denim is equally western and ‘90s style at the same time. ‘90s looks have made a huge resurgence, from hair scrunchies to neon turtlenecks to glitter eye-shadow. What has been dubbed the “VSCO girl” look is really just a recreation of the ‘90s—and we are all for it at Current Boutique! All the fun from my youth is back in full force, and I love how playful and easygoing this style is!  

Part of the ‘90s look that’s hot for winter 2019: flared denim jeans (especially high waisted) and Doc Martens shoes.

Is ‘90s right for you? Take our Ultimate Personal Style Quiz to see what style you should rock right now! 

4. Colors: neutral with a pop 

Although the 1990s was filled to the brim with vibrant colors, its rebirth is a little more subdued. The hot colors for winter 2019 are neutral camels, tans, creams, and black—spiked with a pop of color. So throw on your favorite brown sweater, pair it with some cowboy boots, and accessorize with your favorite color—and you’re perfectly on-trend (and comfy cozy). 

P.S. Monochrome outfits are still very much trending. Throw together different shades of the same color to create a look that’s attention-grabbing, yet totally refined.  

5. Footwear: snakeskin 

Animal prints have been hot for a while, but this winter 2019 is narrowing in with snake print specifically. Slithering on scene, snakeskin has become one of the most popular footwear prints for the season for boots and even slippers. It’s also become a popular material for bags, trousers, and skirts. 

Snakeskin print or material can feel a little wild and foreign to some people. I always think it’s a great idea to step outside of your fashion comfort zone and take a walk on the wild side. Studies show that the clothes you wear have an impact on your psychology—so maybe those snakeskin boots will make you freer, a little more daring, and ready to take on the roaring ‘20s (2020s, that is). 

Fashion forward tip: Knee-high boots are also in fashion. Snakeskin knee highs are sure to get you feeling seductive and stunning! 

6. Silhouette: square 

Square lines are popping up everywhere this season. Over the summer, “milkmaid” tops were hot and trendy. That same style is reimagined with square line sweaters, blouses, and winter dresses. This square silhouette creates a plunging look that exposes some of your chest, but it’s still conservative and flirty. 

I’m also seeing square-toe shoes and square sunglasses pop up all over street fashion. The boxier the silhouette, the more in fashion it is this winter 2019!

7. Jewelry: pearl hoops 

I’m absolutely obsessed with the new “in” jewelry piece: pearl hoops. These are gold hoops with pearls hanging down from them or floating freely inside the hoop itself. These hoops are dainty and elegant, and they’re the perfect addition to any holiday or winter outfit. 

Pearls are always in style, and they’re a winter must-have year after year. But these pearl hoops keep the trend modern and stylish, and we anticipate they’ll be a more regular staple in the months (and years) to come. 

8. Accessories: silk scarves 

Silk scarves are reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn days. Throw a silk scarf around your neck, put on your sunshades, and you’re ready for a Hepburn-worthy journey through a winter wonderland. 

My favorite look: Throw on a satin midi skirt, which keeps you warm but still free-flowing and feminine. (Plus, satin midis are on every runway for the winter season in 2019.) Pair with a white or neutral sweater, and top off with a silk scarf. This pairing of soft textiles lets the materials do the talking for a gorgeous, comfortable outfit that you’ll re-wear again and again all season long. 

9. Hair: “message” hairpins

Personalized hairpins are a fun way to pull your hair out of your face—while showing off a cute and clever message. Bedazzled clips might say things like “diva” or “princess” if you’re feeling cutesy, or you could keep it refined with messages like “breathe” and “joy.” You can even custom order one to say your name or any phrase you want!

There are a lot of Etsy sellers with personalized hairpins, or you may also be able to find some at Ulta, Target, Anthropologie, and other chic stores. This is more of a passing fad than an enduring one, though, so you might want to be mindful of cost and waste.

10. Our winter 2019 fashion fave: leather bottoms 

Leather jackets are a timeless wardrobe essential every lady needs in her closet. But this winter, leather bottoms are also so hot and stylish. From leather skirts to trousers, this comfy print is hitting below the belt—and we absolutely adore it. Leather is a heavy, resilient material, so it’ll keep you warm and cozy as you wander through the winter season.  

Is winter white still in? 

Yup! Winter white is still going strong in 2019. So, don’t be afraid to wear white after labor day. White can actually be a cozy color reminiscent of snowflakes, snowmen, and holiday cheer. 

Learn the ins and outs of wearing winter white here

What’s “cool” for winter 2019? 

Let’s sum up this winter’s fashion trends in one phrase: western ‘90s. Throw on your oversized denim and flannel shirts, pair it with leather cowboy boots and skirts, tie a silk scarf around your neck, pull your hair back in a fun pin, and top it all off with an elegant pearl hoop.

It sounds like a jumble of interesting trends—but the altogether look is actually effortlessly chic and gorgeous! 

Now is the time to start winter clothes shopping. Don’t wait until the weather is too cold to go outside to start buying your jackets, warm dresses, and boots. Make your New Year’s style resolution right now—to dress in clothes you love, to shop secondhand and sustainable, and to be the totally bad@$$ woman you are! 

Start shopping our favorite winter picks with Current Boutique! Check out our “just in” aisle to see some of the hottest winter dresses, bags, and accessories to complete your look!