8 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List!

The holiday season is here—and we can’t stop celebrating! Here come the snowy days and warm scarves, hot chocolate and good books, and fun holiday parties with friends and family. And, of course, it’s the season of sustainable gifts! I hope you enjoy The Ultimate Gift Guide: 8 Sustainable Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List! Giving can be a beautiful way to show loved ones that you care about them, now and all year long.

Unfortunately, though, the holidays have become a consumer epidemic. The average American will spend $700 this holiday season, totaling to more than $465 billion in the U.S. Even worse, most of these goods end up returned, unused, thrown out, or forgotten about.

The holidays fuel buying, buying, buying—at the expense of the environment and your hard-earned dollars. There has to be another way to cut the waste!

And there is another way. Giving sustainably is the name of the game this 2019 holiday season. 

What does giving sustainably mean? 

“Sustainable” gift-giving has several parts to its definition:

  1. The gift is eco-friendly. It has a low impact on the environment with minimal chemicals and a low carbon footprint. Often, this also means the goods are made from natural materials and are managed for waste
  2. It’s ethically sourced and made. During production, the workers and people in the surrounding community are considered for safety, wellness, and economic growth. 
  3. It’s good for health. It’s not chock full of chemicals that will interrupt your wellness in any way. 
  4. The gift is enduring. You want to give a gift that the recipient will use and love for seasons to come (unless it’s a consumable gift). That’s why we never recommend fast fashion as a gift option.
  5. It’s sustainable for your wallet. You want to protect your finances without blowing your entire annual budget in a single season. 

All those definitions of “sustainable” gift-giving can feel a little overwhelming. It’s a lot to remember and keep in mind when purchasing gifts. So I’ll simplify it even further in the rest of this guide—and even give you some awesome ideas to get started on your gift giving

You can give the best gift, while keeping sustainability in mind. 

What are the types of sustainable gifts? 

There are 8 main types of sustainable gift giving you should consider giving this season. Not only are they low-impact on the environment, but they’re also super thoughtful and filled with love!

Below I give you the types of sustainable gifts—and some practical examples you can give to your friends and family this season!

Hint: Figure out your recipient’s primary love language. This can help you determine what kind of gift they will appreciate the most. The five love languages are words of affirmation (so the card will be their favorite part), a gift (a physical item), an act of service, quality time, or physical touch (like a hug). Give what your recipient wants to receive. 

1. Secondhand/thrift

There’s something really fun and special about selecting an item your loved one will adore, wrapping it with care, and watching them rip it apart with glee. But there’s a lot of waste that can come with the gift giving process. If you give them a “new” gift, there’s a good chance it’s a cookie cutter gift from one of the big box stores. And even if the gift is high-quality and sustainable, it can be expensive to buy ethical gifts for everyone on your list. 

That’s why secondhand gifts are the BEST solution for gift giving. They’re proven quality, novel and unique, super thoughtful, and best yet—sustainable! Check out the 5 reasons why secondhand items make the best gifts to learn more. 

So how do you give a secondhand gift? 

  • Search your local thrift stores or vintage shops for cool, unique finds. 
  • Find a quality consignment shop like Current Boutique that offers professional cleaned, designer items from clothes to jewelry to bags and beyond. Pre-loved items deserve a little love this holiday season!
  • My favorite part about giving a consignment gift is letting the recipient know where you got it. Add a little note about where you got it and how it’s sustainable. They’ll love learning just how unique and cool their item is! 

2. Act of service

Not only is an act of service easy on your wallet, but your loved ones will also seriously appreciate it. Think of this like that coupon book you gave your mom when you were little (that basically said you would do your chores or cook a meal without making a fuss). It’s like that, but more adult. 

But you don’t want to just take out the trash and say, “Merry Christmas.” You still want it to be thoughtful and meaningful to what the recipient truly wants to receive. 

If their back has been hurting them, shovel their walkway or wash their car. If they’ve been stressed at work, make them king/queen for the day and don’t let them lift a finger. Or make them a five-course meal with their favorite healthy ingredients if they’ve been stressed at work. 

A little act of kindness can go a long way—for friends and strangers alike!

3. Experience

Even better than just giving them an experience is doing it together! This quality time will mean the world to your friend, and you’ll both get to enjoy the spirit of the gift together.

Choose an experience that you both already love and share, or try something totally novel together! (P.S. New experiences help keep romance and desire alive in a relationship, so this might be a great option for you and your partner.)

Check Groupon to explore local experiences that you can get at a discount. This can be anything from a private helicopter ride over your city to an archery lesson to a “paint and wine” night to a comedy club or escape room. The possibilities are endless—and you’re sure to find something you and your friend will love (and that’s in your price range). 

Or you can DIY an experience! Create a scavenger hunt around town that brings them to the local hot spots. Curate a spa day for them, or get them tickets to see their favorite sports team. The possibilities are endless!

4. Charity donation

Give a gift that gives back by making a donation in your friend’s name. 

Give to a charity that supports a cause the recipient is passionate about. They’ll love that you thought of them, and supporting their cause is a direct support of your friend. 

If you’re not sure what the recipient likes (if they’re a colleague or friend of a friend), then give to a charity that you are passionate about. They’ll feel a bond with you, they’ll appreciate the donation, and you’ll be spreading awareness about an organization that matters to you. 

Want some ideas for awesome charity donation gifts? 

Domestic animals: Support animal rescues around the country… by buying chocolate! Rescue Chocolate is 100% vegan, 100% delicious, and gives 100% of its net profits to shelters and rescue organizations. You can give a gift and help save a pup at the same time.

Wild animals: World Wildlife Fund allows you to symbolically adopt an animal. This donation helps protect endangered animals and their habitats, so we can keep our world diverse and beautiful. With your donation, your recipient will get a plush toy, certificate, and kit to enjoy their adopted animal. There are so many species you can adopt; there’s a gift for everyone on your list! 

Health and education: The International Rescue Committee offers “rescue gifts.” Your symbolic gift can provide a refugee survival kit, a year of school to a girl, emergency food for children, and so much more. This is a beautiful and meaningful gift that will touch the heart of any recipient. 

Small business: Help fund small businesses all over the world by giving a Kiva gift certificate. Your recipient can choose to whom to lend their money, and when the loan is repaid, they can re-lend again and again. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving in a circle of sustainability

Families: The Unicef market offers two ways to give. Purchase an item from one of their artisans, which helps provide income and support for that artisan and their family. Or you can send an “inspired gift,” which sends lifesaving supplies to a child in the name of your recipient.  

Children with cancer: Buy a St. Jude’s product, and the proceeds will go directly to funding research to save children’s lives. You can also give a “donation” gift, like donate a day of oxygen or a no-more-chemo party. This will pull on the heartstrings, and truly make a difference in the lives of a child and their family. 

Toys for Tots: An awesome Christmastime charity, marine-run Toys for Tots provides gifts to children all over the country. You can make a toy donation in the name of your friend, or you can pay a monetary donation in their honor and Toys for Tots will send them a personalized card. 

Remember this Jim Rohn quote: Only by giving can you receive more than you have.

5. Consumables 

No one can say “no” to a consumable gift. We can never get enough goodies—for your tummy or for self-care. “Consumables” is anything like food, coffee, tea, or body products—things that you enjoy until they’re gone. 


If you love to cook or bake, consumables are an awesome, low-cost option to give your friends. People love receiving yummy treats that show you’ve put time, energy, and love into their gift.

If you’re a cook, consider making them a homemade meal and freezing it. They’ll love having a home-cooked meal that only takes a few minutes to reheat and enjoy. If you’re a baker, make them your specialty for them to snack on when the Christmas cookies are gone. Also check out these edible gift ideas by the Food Network for yummy treats that are easy to give. 

Not big on baking or cooking? Give them fair trade chocolate, coffee, or tea. My favorite is a homemade hot cocoa mix, made with only vegan and fair trade ingredients. Also, check out this list of 11 sustainable gifts for fair trade foodies


Body products are also a popular gift item, especially if you don’t know exactly what the recipient likes or wants. Plus, a lot of people won’t buy luxurious body products for themselves, so it’ll be an extra indulgence they’ll absolutely love. But make sure you’re buying ethical, fair trade, cruelty-free products to ensure sustainability and health.

Some of my favorite ethical skincare brands (that are also great for your skin) include:

6. Plants

I’m usually not a fan of giving “responsibility” (like you don’t want to give a dog or a turtle). But a small, easy-to-care-for plant is an awesome sustainable gift that will make your friend’s home a little brighter, airier, and healthier. Taking care of plants is actually good for your mental health and physical wellbeing, so gifting a plant is like gifting wellness to your friend! 

We recommend giving a small plant, like a succulent or snake plant. It will freshen up their home without taking up a lot of room. 

7. Subscription/membership

If your friend loves the local museum or has been dying to try out a new yoga studio, consider gifting them a membership for a set period of time. They’ll think of you every time they go, and they’ll love having access to a new and fun experience! Consider giving them a subscription that they are interested in but wouldn’t necessarily spend the money on themselves. 

Subscription boxes like Causebox are also a cool idea, but some people don’t want to get “stuff” each month. So be wary of wine of the month clubs or magazine subscriptions, because your recipient might be eager to unsubscribe after a month or two and they’re not sustainable gifts for the long-haul.

8. Homemade/DIY

You can upcycle or repurpose items you already have or have purchased secondhand to create something new. If you’re crafty, you can DIY just about any gift, from turning old concert tees into reusable shopping bags or transforming mason jars into holiday lanterns. Check out some awesome DIY sustainable gifts ideas here.

These were just some ideas to get you started. But a little research on Google and you can find other awesome companies and gifts out there that are great for the environment, the community, and your loved ones! 

Want to give a “new” item? 

If you’re going to buy a new item for your friend, why not choose something that’s sustainable and gives back to the community? There are a lot of products out there that help fund research, give a portion of profits to a foundation, or offer a one-for-one gift to someone in need for your purchase. Take a look at the company’s mission and commitments to find awesome products that will actually make a difference in the world. 

There are also a lot of products that actually help their environment and community, like Current Boutique.

Here are some ideas for sustainable “new” items that your loved ones are sure to adore. 

Pura Vida bracelets

Pura Vida creates gorgeous, simple jewelry—made by more than 800 artisans in Costa Rica, El Salvador, India, and beyond. Purchasing a bracelet helps provide an income and healthy work environment to individuals across the globe. Pura Vida is also committed to their communities and have donated over $1.9 million to more than 175 charities. 

They even have a charity and awareness bracelet section. So you can buy a bracelet for a cause, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a relevant organization. 

Socks by Thought

Giving socks isn’t a grandma thing anymore. A cute pair of patterned socks are so fun, cozy, and thoughtful—you can’t go wrong! These sustainable socks by Thought are made from organic cotton and bamboo, are sustainably sourced, and super high quality (and so soft, too). They offer a lot of cute patterns, and they even have sock gift boxes to make your gifting even easier. 

Baby alpaca scarves by Fair Indigo 

Everyone on your list will love warming up with a baby alpaca scarf from Fair Indigo. Alpaca is one of our favorite eco-friendly, sustainable winter materials. Alpaca wool is not only warm and comfortable, but it’s great for the planet too. Alpacas do minimal damage to their pastures, and they’re not harmed when their wool is shed—so there’s little damage to the environment. And baby alpaca wool is some of the softest material out there! 

Plus, Fair Indigo has a commitment to sustainability, social impact, ethical production, and forever-fashion. You can feel good about buying their products—and wearing or gifting them! 

Current Collection

Current Boutique has our own line of clothing! We bring you pieces each season that are a mix of trendy and classic, eclectic and timeless. The majority of our pieces are made from organic, sustainable materials like cotton and linen—just look for the heart to identify the fabric. 

You just have to browse our Current Collection for all things gifting for the ladies in your life. From gorgeous dresses to stunning jewelry pieces, you can find something perfect for everyone—from your mom to your best friend to your daughter. 

Our commitment to circular fashion means you can browse sustainable gifts, knowing you’re helping the community and environment. 


Encircled is an awesome clothing line with a commitment to transparency, environmental consciousness, and fair labor and office practices. Not only do they function ethically throughout the production process, but they also make gorgeous + practical clothing. 

Their goal is to offer clothes that can go from travel to work to sleep with ease. For example, one “scarf” can become a T-shirt, dress, and more—perfect for the person who over-packs or loves multi-function clothing. Their clothing is high-quality and weighty, so it’s sure to last for seasons to come! Your recipient will love how comfy, practical, and trendy these pieces are.

Check out these 6 sustainable fashion brands for more ideas on where to shop.

Sustainable gifts tips

  1. Focus on quality over quantity. One awesome gift is better (for you, the recipient, and the environment) than 10 just-okay gifts. 
  2. Shop local whenever you can. Supporting neighborhood businesses helps your community’s economy, while finding unique gifts that your recipient will love. 
  3. Try to buy in-store rather than online. This will save a ton of packaging materials, so you waste a lot less. 
  4. If you do buy online, reuse the shipping boxes to wrap your sustainable gifts. 
  5. Use recyclable wrapping paper. Old newspaper is a cool way to recycle and give a vintage, minimalistic feel to your gifts. Check out these eco-friendly gift wrap ideas from Ecocult

What sustainable gifts have you found this season? Share this article with your own tips and tricks for sustainable gifts and giving. We absolutely love getting advice from our Current Boutique community of awesome ladies, like you!

Ultimate Guide: Holiday Party Outfit Ideas for Every Event You Have This Season

Sweaters, skirts, scarves, and sequins—it’s time to pull out your holiday season wardrobe! But it can be a challenge to dress for all the different kinds of holiday events you’ll be attending. How fancy should you get? Should you wear pants or a dress? Heels or boots? Should you go timeless or trendy or elegant? There are a lot of variables to consider…

So I’m going to help you stress less about dressing up—so you can see outfit success this season! In this guide, I’m going to give you specific outfit ideas for every event you’ll be attending this season. 

I’m giving you recommendations based on everlasting trends and essential pieces you should already have in your wardrobe, with winter 2019 trends and styles mixed in as accents. But don’t be afraid to put your own style spin on these looks. I hope you enjoy the Ultimate Guide: Holiday Party Outfit Ideas for Every Event You Have This Season!

Psst… Check out our Holiday Designer Dress Guide (under $150) for an easy go-to holiday outfit for any occasion. 


For Thanksgiving, you want to be stylish & comfortable. You want your clothes to be forgiving as you eat your way through turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. Here are some options to look Turkey Day festive while staying comfy and cute for dinnertime. 

Outfit #1 (For a casual day with friends and extended family)

  • “Fall” colored sweater, like tan, brown, orange, or olive green
  • Blue jeans, light or medium wash 
  • Brown knee-high boots or booties 
  • Colorful earrings (to accent the neutral colors)
  • Chunky necklace (depending on neckline of sweater)

Outfit #2 (For a put-together look)

Outfit #3 (For comfort and practicality)

  • White tee shirt 
  • Neutral solid or print cardigan (you can remove if you get hot)
  • Black leggings 
  • Large purse (to add some dimension to the look)
  • Gold watch or bracelet

Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Are you going shopping for Black Friday weekend? Whether you’re hitting the stores or buying from the comfort of your home, there’s only one directive for your Black Friday outfit: sustainability.

Black Friday is all about consuming. We spend so much money, and it’s easy to get caught up in the craze of the “buy, buy, buy” holiday season. It’s fun to buy, but it can also be really wasteful.

So let’s do it a little differently this year and buy gifts that are good for the environment, good for our communities, good for our health, and good for our wallets! 

This season, we’re all about buying sustainable gifts. Check out our sustainable gift-giving guide here!

That’s why I recommend choosing an outfit that’s totally sustainable, preferably secondhand or pre-loved. Why? Because it will help keep sustainability top of mind while you’re shopping. If you’re wearing an organic cotton tee you bought from Current Boutique, you’ll remember to think about ethically and organically sourced materials when buying for your mom. If you’re in your favorite consignment designer jeans (that you bought at a fraction of their original price), you’ll start looking for other articles that support the longevity of timeless fashion. 

Start shopping for your stylish, sustainable, preloved outfits here! You can also check out these 7 websites to shop secondhand designer clothing and accessories.

Work Holiday Party

Work holiday parties are always a dressing nightmare, especially with the question of how fancy you should be. 

I have one rule of thumb for work parties: The basic dress code from work should still apply, unless otherwise stated. If jeans aren’t permitted at work, you probably don’t want to wear them to the holiday party, unless the invite says to dress casual and everyone is talking about wearing jeans. If you wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing a revealing top to the office on Monday morning, you probably shouldn’t the night of the holiday party either. 

Dress as though you were going to the workplace—but with a little more glitz and glam! It’s always better to look more refined than not.

Recommended read: 15 Work Wardrobe Essentials For Every Boss-Lady

Outfit #1 (For a party that’s right after the work day)

  • Black blazer
  • Sequin tank top (under blazer)
  • Black pants (jeans or trousers) 
  • Tan heels (a wardrobe must-have)
  • Chunky bracelets

Outfit #2 (For a fancier party at a restaurant or venue)

Outfit #3 (For a relaxed party at your boss’s house)

Another awesome option for any of the above events is a black jumpsuit with a blazer or sweater on top. Pair with gold jewelry and tan heels, and you’ve got a gorgeous look that’s both stylish and totally work-appropriate.  

Friends’ Holiday Party

Every year, I attend three standing annual Christmas parties. One is a friend’s ugly Christmas sweater party. One’s a casual event for a family friend, and the other is a fancy party that goes all night. 

So how do you know what to wear to each of your parties? Take note of the invite (which might define a dress code), remember what everyone wore to last year’s party, and don’t be afraid to ask the host or another attendee what they’re wearing! 

The outfits we’ve listed below are some options if you don’t know what to wear.

Outfit #1 (For the “fun” friends hosting a party)

  • A whimsical sweater, like one with penguins or snowflakes
  • Dark blue jeans or black jeans 
  • Dress it down: black Converse or ballet flats
  • Dress it up: black or colorful heels 
  • Pearl earrings 

Outfit #2 (For something timelessly trendy)

  • White knit sweater, elbow-length
  • Red high-waisted skirt
  • Black heels or flats 
  • Gold jewelry accessories, like a chunky necklace or bracelet
  • Hair in curls or a braid 

Outfit #3 (To feel a little sophisticated and fancy)

  • Holiday-colored dress with lace neck and arms (a lacey burgundy or black dress is my go-to holiday outfit)
  • Black tights (a winter fashion hack)
  • Ballet flats or booties 
  • Snakeskin or colorful purse 
  • Gold dangling earrings

Hanukkah or Christmas Eve Dinner

Are you going to a nice dinner at a restaurant or friend’s house to celebrate the holidays? Need an outfit that’s not super fancy but also a little more dressed up? We’ve got your looks!  

Outfit #1 (For something effortlessly chic)

  • Little black dress
  • Knee-high leather boots 
  • Dangling earrings 
  • Red, white, or gold clutch or crossbody purse 
  • Bright lipstick

Outfit #2 (For a trendy yet sexy look)

  • Black or white turtle neck 
  • Plaid skirt (reds, greens, golds, blacks, and whites)
  • Black knee-high boots 
  • Leather jacket, neutral or black 
  • Gold drop earrings

Outfit #3 (For a feminine silhouette and vibe)

  • Tan or white long-sleeve blouse
  • Satin midi skirt, light-colored
  • Tan heels
  • Pearl accessories
  • Optional: black tights (if you’re going outside and want to stay  warm)

Christmas Day 

It’s a great day of family, food, and giving. But what to wear?

Outfit #1 (For chilling with the fam)

  • White long-sleeve top
  • Red plaid sweatpants
  • Pearl earrings 
  • Warm slippers 
  • Hair pulled back with a ribbon (like a present)

Outfit #2 (For going out on the town)

  • Winter white sweater
  • Black jeans 
  • Holiday scarf 
  • Ballet flats, slip ons, or booties
  • A new jewelry or clothing item you received for Christmas (show it off!)

Outfit #3 (For attending a fancier Christmas party)

  • Velvet dress, red or black 
  • Thin, hanging necklace 
  • Sheer tights or pattered
  • Black strappy heels 
  • Optional: denim jacket (to get in the winter 2019 look and to dress it down)

New Year’s Eve Party

There’s no reason not to dress up for New Year’s Eve—even if you’re just staying home with your family. It’s the start of a new year, so you want your fashion game to be on-point when the clock strikes midnight!

Have you made your New Year’s style resolutions yet?

Outfit #1 (The NYE go-to holiday dress)

Outfit #2 (For something minimalistic with shine)

  • Black jumpsuit 
  • Sparkly heels
  • Sparkly earrings (top and bottom of outfit are sparkly!)
  • Black cross-body purse 
  • Gold watch (to make sure you don’t miss midnight!) 

Outfit #3 (For a girl’s night out)

  • Sparkly tank top
  • Black leather leggings 
  • Colorful pumps (that are easy to walk in)
  • Clutch purse
  • Black drop earrings 

Your Holiday Dress Guide

For the holidays, you can’t go wrong with deep red or winter white, leather or velvet. And for the New Year, sparkles and satin are always in fashion. 

At Current Boutique, we love dressing up in gorgeous, quality clothes that make us feel great. And we think the holidays are a great excuse to get dolled up! 

We believe you don’t have to sacrifice quality and style due to price. When you buy secondhand, you have access to stunning designer pieces—at a fraction of the price. 

So start browsing our holiday looks at Current Boutique. Order today to make sure you have your new look in time for your holiday event!  

Global Fashion Sustainability Efforts: How We’re Reducing Textile Waste

Carmen Lopez, President & CEO of www.currentboutique.com

We all have the power to impact our world and environment through fashion sustainability.

Did you know that the clothing and textile industry is the second largest cause of pollution in the world after oil? The United Nations reported that the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. It’s also responsible for 20% of the globe’s water waste, 24% of insecticides, and 11% of pesticides. That’s a lot of bad-ness for the environment! 

The reasons for fashion waste are complex and interconnect: 

  • Some companies don’t care how their clothing is made. Their goal is to produce as much fast fashion as possible and get it on the shelves. They waste a lot of water, materials, and textiles to mass-produce clothing, and they fill their materials with toxic chemicals that are bad for the environment and bad for your health. 
  • Companies don’t always know how much stock to make for the season, because they aren’t sure if a new trend will actually make its way to the streets. Leftover stock of unsold items tends to go to waste. 
  • Certain clothing types, like polyester and other synthetic materials, actually damage the eco-system during production and in landfills. More and more clothing is being made of these synthetic materials, which is releasing more chemicals and toxins into our environment.  
  • Consumers are throwing out old or out of season clothing, and those textiles end up in landfills. In fact, consumers throw away an average of 70 pounds per person annually, even though 95% of those textiles could be recycled. 

When we buy fast fashion or throw out our clothing, we are directly contributing to the textile waste problem that’s rampant across the globe. 

Thankfully, though, people are sitting up and taking notice. Consumers are no longer okay with the immense waste the fashion industry is producing. Countries and governments are angry that so many resources are getting wasted, rather than utilized. In response, fashion companies are standing up and answering consumer needs and government demands. 

Learn more about sustainable fashion here

Which companies and countries have recently taken a stand against textile waste? 

What can you, as a conscientious consumer, do to improve your world (and your closet)? 

How are companies taking a stand? 

There are a number of companies that are starting to take sustainability more seriously…mostly because consumers are demanding it. It won’t be long before customers will stop buying from irresponsible brands altogether, and sustainability will be the norm in fashion. 

Brands like Athleta and Everlane have especially made a name for themselves in the world of sustainability. Stella McCartney is a leader in the designer world for their sustainable fashion as well. Burberry has also become “the most sustainable luxury brand,” due to their eco-friendly initiatives like their pledge to stop destroying unsold clothes. 

Interestingly, the majority of sustainability efforts are coming from small to mid size companies. Startup brands that aren’t beholden to major boards or investors can take more “risks” in creating eco-friendly and ethical clothing. 

With a few exceptions, a lot of the larger brands still seem slow on the uptake. That’s likely because true sustainability is a multi-faceted approach. It requires every facet of the supply chain to be fully optimized for sustainability. The larger the supply chain, the more challenging this is. 

Customers aren’t necessarily buying sustainable clothing just because it’s sustainable. They still want quality pieces they look good and feel good in…but society is growing more conscious about where goods come from. They want their fashion retailers to keep making gorgeous pieces—but just in a more eco-friendly way. As this consciousness grows, we anticipate more fashion retailers will accommodate sustainability at every step of the supply chain. 

Which countries are making waves? 

Companies are becoming more eco-friendly, but it’s really not enough. Society (and government) needs to hold these organizations responsible. Someone needs to ensure that fashion retailers are as environmental and eco-friendly as they claim to be…and someone needs to change the narrative for what “fashion” is.

This needs to come from a cultural change on a nationwide, if not a global, scale. 

A lot of fashion is created in the West but produced in the East. That means Western countries need to make global moves to change fashion trends in a way that will have an impact across buying and production. We’re seeing that sort of international, interconnected network start with the United Nations new regulations and reports. 

The United Nations Alliance for Sustainable Fashion is in full swing, and we anticipate it will create a revolution in the fashion world. Different countries and U.N institutions have implemented sustainability initiatives, but this Alliance now marks a comprehensive and extensive approach to sustainability from start to finish. The Alliance includes a number of specialized agencies that care about climate change and the environment, as well as ethical fashion initiatives and practices. 

The U.N has a 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and fashion is one sector that needs a lot of attention and development. The Alliance promised to take massive action to change the way fashion organizations can and should run in accordance with ethical, environmental, and social practices. From events to initiatives to accountability groups, we anticipate that this Alliance could completely alter the way future moves forward. 

What can I do to promote fashion sustainability? 

1. Buy pre-loved clothing.

The best way to cut down on textile waste and protest the fast fashion world is by buying pre-loved, secondhand clothing. By purchasing clothing that has been sold or given away, you’re giving a renewed life to these textiles. You’re prolonging their use, which minimizes the textiles ending up in landfills. You’re also reducing the amount of clothing you purchase “fresh” from retailers, thus doing your part to take a stand against the fast fashion world that fills their clothes with synthetics and chemicals. 

See why preloved fashion is the hottest craze right now! And see where you can start shopping second here

2. Choose timeless pieces. 

Trends and styles are fun. We’re all about changing up your look and trying out different looks. But you can still be “trendy” without indulging in the fast fashion world that’s stirring up so many environmental issues. 

Choose high-quality, timeless pieces for the majority of your wardrobe. These will last longer in your closet, which reduces waste and helps you save money. Plus, quality pieces are made with fewer chemicals, so they’re better for your health. These designer pieces also look and feel better, which can instantly boost your mood and confidence.

Learn how to buy quality clothing like an expert designer here.

3. Focus on eco-friendly retailers. 

Buying from retailers who have a brand mission for fashion sustainability can make a huge difference. In the short term, you’re not buying toxic clothing that could be damaging your health and the environment. In the long term, you’re showing the fashion industry that sustainability is a key driver for consumerism—so more companies will want to move in that direction. 

If we all bought from sustainable-focused retailers, every fashion company would have to move towards sustainability to stay in business. Let’s put the pressure on companies to do more and be more! 

4. Watch your waste. 

If clothes aren’t your style anymore or they don’t fit, don’t throw them out! 9 times out of 10 you can recycle or reuse those items. So don’t contribute to the 70lbs of textile waste each person has per year. Take responsibility for your clothes and waste. 

For your gently worn items, consider selling them! Check out the 5 best websites to sell your designer clothes online. If you can’t sell your items, consider donating or recycling them. A simple Google search can tell you where you can donate or recycle your clothes in your community! 

Building a sustainable world

Fashion is the fabric of our daily lives. It’s something we put on, wear, and use every single day. To neglect how it impacts our world could very well be the downfall of our society. And that’s why so many people and organization are taking a stand. Consumers are becoming more conscious of their fashion choices, forcing companies and governments to create new missions and initiatives in tandem. 

Sustainability starts with you. Every piece of clothing you buy determines the course of the fashion industry. So choose sustainable. Buy eco-friendly, ethical clothing and preloved items that have a story to share with this beautiful world of ours. 

Know Your Heels: A Guide To All Things High Heels

Carmen Lopez at Current Boutique warehouse. Pre-loved paradise of high heels!

You either love shoe shopping… or you love it but sometimes feel a little overwhelmed by all of the possibilities, especially when it comes to high heels. One of the biggest questions that our stylists frequently run in to is, “How do I find the right heel for me or for this event? How do I know what heel is going to work best?” The concerns with finding the right heel are doubled when you’re shoe shopping online and can’t try it on in the store!

And you LOVE high heels. Who doesn’t? High heels are the epitome of femininity and stunning fashion. 

But high heels are especially hard to buy! There are so many different styles, heights, widths, heels, and more. How do you even narrow the search? 

We’ve got you. We worked with our stylists to come up with a high heel guide that will make buying your next pair of heels a breeze. This guide will help you filter and narrow your shoe search, whether browsing the store or scouring our online Current Boutique for the perfect heels. 

Heel Height

How high do you want your heels to be? 

Pick your height based on comfort as well as style. For example, you might not want to wear high stilettos if you’ll be running around at a conference for 12 hours a day. But you may not want to wear kitten heels if you’re going to the clubs with your girlfriends. 

You especially want to make sure you can walk in your heels. The worst fashion faux pas is falling in your heels! Shorter heels are typically easier to walk in unless you have a platform, so keep that in mind when making your selection.  

Pumps (medium)

Pumps are the “go-to” when you think of high heels. They’re the classic look: about 2-3 inches in height and usually low cut around the front of the foot. They can be either pointed, rounded, or square. Learning to walk in pumps is a girl’s greatest fashion feat (foot pun intended). 

Kitten heels (short)

Kitten heels are the shortest type of heel you’ll find, typically no more than 2 inches in height. These are comfortable and easy to walk in, so they’re usually best for situations where you’ll be on your feet awhile. These used to be the epitome of ladies’ fashion, and then they went out of trend for awhile. We’re pleased to see that they’re back in vogue—and it seems like they’ll be here to stay for many years to come! 

Stilettos (high) 

Stilettos are only recently trendy as of a few decades ago, but they’ve become the embodiment of “sexy” and “stylish.” These heels can be up to 8 inches, which creates a gorgeous leg-lengthening effect. 

Stilettos often include a platform. Platform shoes are those that have a “lift” on the front of the shoe, meaning that the sole of the shoe is thick in the front. This creates less of a height difference between the front and back of the foot, so it’s easier to walk normally (rather than on your tip-toes).

Fashion tip: If you have trouble walking in high heels, platform stilettos offer a more comfortable shoe while maintaining the stiletto elegance and sultriness. 

Heel Style 

What does the actual heel itself look like? How stylish is it? How easy is it to walk on?


This is referred to as the stiletto heel, but it can actually be any height. This refers to the heel style that is thin and long, with the same width at the top and bottom. 

Chunky Heels

This is a general term for any shoe that has a square, wide heel. They provide more stability than stilettos because the heel itself is thicker, so chunky heels work great if you’re 


We. Love. Wedges. Wedges are heels that connect at the sole from the front to the back. It’s becoming more common for wedges to be made from a lot of unique materials, from cork to suede and beyond. Wedges are often thought of as a summer trend, but they also look great in the fall—especially if you have mule wedges! 

Cone Heel

Cone heels look like ice cream cones! They’re wider at the sole of the foot, and they’re narrower down towards the base or floor. These have become a more popular design option, especially for modern shoes with cutouts or unique toplines. 

Spool Heel

Spools have a heel that is thicker at the sole of the foot, narrow in the middle, and thicker again at the base. These have a more traditional look to them, but that doesn’t mean they’re not out of style. In fact, these shoes are really easy to walk in, and they work for almost any occasion! 

Psst… French heels look like spool heels, but they’re slightly more curved. 


Oxford shoes give off an English boarding school vibe—in the best possible way! They’re a flat heel with a rounded topline, which denotes a professional style. Oxfords are becoming more and more popular in the fashion world, but the height of the heel keeps getting higher with more modern trends. 


This refers to what the top of the shoe looks like. Basically, what does the shoe look like when you look down? Is it open or closed? Is it timeless or funky? 


Sandal heels look like sandals, but they have a heel on the back. This means the top of the shoe is open, and the majority of the foot is showing (including, and especially, the toes).

Wedge sandals are popular for spring and summer, while stiletto sandals tend to be a more formal or elegant footwear choice. 

Peep Toes

Peep toe shoes can come in all shapes and sizes. This refers to any shoe that has a “peep” of the toe, usually showing off the first two or three toes only. This is a great way to flaunt your pedicure without showing the entire foot, like a sandal. It also tends to create a timeless and fancy look to your heel. 

However, some women find that peep toes are uncomfortable because they push the toes together. If you aren’t a heel “pro,” you might want to steer away from the peep toes for the time being. 

Mule Heels

A “mule” heel refers to a shoe topline that comes up high over the top of the foot. It essentially covers part of the (or the entire) top of the foot. These are popular options in the fall, because they’re easy to walk in and they provide a little extra warmth as the weather starts to cool down—but they’re still super stylish and stunning! 

Corset Heels

Corset heels tie both sides together. They get their name because they look like a traditional corset going up the middle of your shoe. These heels tend to be a mule style or ankle bootie, and they’re one of our absolute favorite looks for the fall season. 

Cut Outs

Cut out shoes are funky and modern, and the “hot” cut out look tends to change based on the season. These are usually mule heels that have patterns cut out, which creates an embellished and intricate look to the top of the shoe. Cut out heels are a great way to spice up a more basic outfit. 

Fashion tip:Pair funky, colorful cut outs with your little black dress to keep it elegant yet stylish! 


Espadrille heels are increasingly popular, and we’re finding a lot more of them on the runway—and in our Current Boutique selection! Espadrilles are any shoe with a fabric top, which makes them more comfortable and casual. They can be heels or wedges, and they tend towards an “everyday” vibe regardless of heel type. 


Some heels have a basic “counter,” meaning the toe box and the heel of the shoe are made from the same piece. These are the most “classic” type of heel you’ll find. 

Strappy shoes are becoming more and more popular, though. Strappy heels are especially shaping up to be a popular option for fall 2019! 

Ankle Straps

Ankle strap heels have a strap that goes around the entire ankle. Not only are these gorgeously fashionable, but they also make the heel more secure (so you’re less likely to roll your ankle).

The strap actually wraps around the full span of the ankle. This “breaks” up the look between the foot and the leg, creating the illusion of longer legs and dainty ankles. This makes ankle strap heels a stunning option to pair with skirts or dresses. 

Sling Backs 

While ankle straps go around the entire ankle, the sling back goes around only the Achilles heel. This “half strap” look around the heel, as opposed to the ankle, is a strikingly elegant style that’s great for fancier events. 

3 Heels Every Girl Needs

Tan Platform Heels

My go-to shoe for just about any occasion—whether it’s a presentation at work or hitting the town with the ladies—is a tan platform heel. Choose a heel height you feel comfortable with, but get it with a platform so it’s easy to walk in. Platforms are incredibly versatile, because they’re comfortable enough to stand on your feet for hours but elegant enough for just about any situation you’ll run into. 

Why tan shoes? Because a neutral tan color can go with everything! Tan shoes look incredible with black skirts, white dresses, blue jeans, and everything in between. 

Tan platform heels are a wardrobe essential for every stylish lady. 

Black Ankle Straps 

Like tan, black shoes can match with just about any outfit. Black ankle strap heels are strikingly elegant with a touch of stunning femininity. They’ll keep your ankle supported while also creating a thinning look for the lower half of your legs. 

The best part is that black ankle straps are both super trendy… and gorgeously timeless! Having a pair of black strappy heels means you can hit the town any time, any year, and still look wildly in-fashion. 

Mary Jane Heels

Mary Jane heels are cute and classic. These have a thinner heel with a strap across the top of the foot. This makes them easy to walk in, and you’ll instantly feel gorgeous and feminine. 

Speaking of, I’ve recently worn out my favorite black Mary Jane heels. Time to browse Current Boutique to find my next fave pair! 

3 Heels You Need For Fall 2019 

Corset Ankle Booties 

Ankle booties are a must-have for the fall season. This season, lace-up or “corset” ankle booties are especially hot. The ankle bootie is reminiscent of cooler weather (plus it’s super easy to walk in), and the lace-up part adds a bit of intrigue and style that will absolutely “wow” anyone who sees your outfit. 

High Heeled Boots 

As the weather gets cooler, boots are coming out. This fall, we’re noticing that heeled boots are becoming more fashionable. Chunky heel boots, like riding boots, used to be really trendy, but now we’re seeing the heel get slimmer and more stiletto-like.

If you want to keep your calves warm, lengthen your legs, and show off your gorgeous sense of style, high-heeled boots are the way to go this fall 2019. (Psst… They look especially gorgeous with midi and mini skirts and an oversized sweater. Swoon!) 

Oxfords (or the like) 

Fall in love with a shoe that has a short, chunky heel. Why? Because you never know when you’ll need heels + comfort! Oxfords are fancy enough for a date with the Queen, but they’re also casual and comfortable enough to wear to work every day. 

Fashion tip: Buy a funkypair of Oxfords! The Oxford style is professional and elegant, so a bold color or animal print will add a bit of pizazz. 

High Heel Heaven 

It’s “back to school” season, which means a fresh fall start. So there’s no better time to go shoe shopping than right now! Whether you’re looking to buy a timeless pump or a funky heel, fall 2019 is shaping up to be the” season of the shoe”! 

Start browsing Current Boutique to find gorgeous designer heels and other shoes at a fraction of their original ticket price! 

The Ultimate Guide to Gorgeous Fall Wardrobe Essentials That Support Circular Fashion

This fall 2019, the buzzword is circular fashion. That means sustainability in every definition of the word! I’m going to give you a rundown of the most gorgeous fall prints, textures, styles, and pieces—that are all great for your closet and the environment. 

Here’s your ultimate go-to list of fall 2019’s trends and essentials that are timeless, sustainable, eco-conscious, and perfect for your closet. 

What is circular fashion?

Circular fashion (aka cyclical fashion) means that the clothes you put on are both sustainable for the environment and for your closet. 

Circular fashion has two main dimensions:

First, you’re investing in wardrobe pieces that consistently and regularly cycle back into trend. For example, leather jackets never go out of fashion. There are some seasons that leather is “hotter” than others, and different colors and styles of leather may change, but you always know that a leather jacket will look and feel great—no matter what the current fashion trends are. 

All of the items on this list are items we see sell REALLY well on consignment. They’re the pieces that people want to buy year and year again, and they’re the. pieces. that. you’ll be able to sell to Current Boutique with ease (and for a decent chunk of change). That means you not only get a full life out of your clothes, but you’ll also get a return on your investment when you sell them back on consignment.

Second, you’re only purchasing clothes that have a “closed loop” and minimize the negative impact on the environment. You’re avoiding waste and ecological damage by purchasing natural products that are made through healthy production processes with little emissions. These items are also recyclable or up-cyclable because of their natural materials—and because they’re always in fashion! 

One of the most effective ways to participate in circular fashion is secondhand shopping. When you purchase clothes on consignment, you give them a renewed life in your closet so they don’t go to waste—plus, you’re getting gorgeous trend pieces that will last through the years. 

And when you sell these items on consignment, you’re giving someone else the change to love and reuse your articles. As we said, all of the items on this list are some of our top sellers on consignment – so you can’t go wrong with having them in your closet!

Why do you care about circular fashion for fall fashion 2019 and beyond? 

You know the importance of sustainable fashion. Too many fashion companies are focused on the bottom line without caring about the quality of clothing they’re producing or the effect they’re having on our world and future. 

You’re conscious about what you put on your body—and how you spend your money.

So you want… 

  • High quality pieces that look and feel great on your body,
  • That are gorgeously in fashion—both trendy and timeless,
  • And don’t hurt the environment during production,
  • That last awhile in your closet with a long lifespan,
  • And that are easy to reuse or recycle. 

Plus… You want to get into the spirit of the fall season!

So let’s get into those fall fashion 2019 timeless-trends that are sustainable and cyclical!

Classic Fall Textures


“Denim is a love that never fades.” – Elio Fiorucci

Jean denim never goes out of fashion. The style of denim might change, like high waisted vs low waisted or light wash vs dark wash. But a pair of blue jeans or a light denim jacket will always be a beloved pillar of your closet. Plus, denim is made from cotton—which is one of the most natural and sustainable fabrics out there! (Learn more about eco-friendly fabrics, like cotton, here.)

Light wash jeans with a slim silhouette, like skinny jeans, are in fashion for the end of 2019. (These look particularly stunning with brown booties.) This fall, denim jackets and skirts are also popular. Throw a denim jacket over your dress to keep you warm on cooler days (and take it off when those hot remnants of summer drop by).


Suede is similar to both leather and velvet, and it’s one of the most adored textures for fall time. It has a cozy, comforting look, while also maintaining a refined elegance that works in any situation—from work to play. 

Suede is made from the underside of an animal hide, so it tends to be softer and more pliable than leather. There are also a lot of faux suede that create a similar look and feel but can be water and stain resistant (and not an animal product). 

For fall fashion 2019, suede is most popular in shoes (booties) and brown mini or midi skirts. Add suede to any outfit and you’ll be ready for fall!

Suede can be hard to care for. So check out these 10 easy hacks to make your clothes last longer


Velvet is a luxurious, warm fabric that will make you feel like you’re being embraced in a hug whenever you wear it. I love that velvet has been considered a “royal” trend for centuries—and it’s not leaving the scene anytime soon.  

Velvet is actually the structure of the fabric, rather than the material used. It has raised loops and tufts of yarn that cover the surface. It can be made from silk, cotton, linen, or wool—so it’s usually made from highly sustainable materials. (Note that some companies make it from synthetic fibers like polyester, which is less eco-friendly.)

Not all companies are super conscious when creating velvet. The best way to get velvet in your closet is by shopping secondhand. You’ll get access to this stunning cold winter fabric—while reducing your impact on the environment and giving a second life to stunning velvet pieces. 

Fall 2019 Textures

The following textures are particularly trendy for the 2019 fall season, but they’re equally as sustainable as the classic materials.

You might notice that these textures are reminiscent of “English boarding school’ (as we’ve been calling it). These textures have a distinct feeling of old-world Europe with full, heavy fabrics and have a high-end luxurious vibe. 

Psst… Not sure how to buy clothes that are actually made of high-quality materials? Learn how to buy quality clothing like an expert designer here


At Current Boutique, we are obsessed with corduroy because it’s warm yet cool, and it maintains a distinct fall feel. Similar to velvet, corduroy is made of tufted cords, which creates narrow vertical ridges. Most corduroy is made from cotton or wool, which means it’s good for the earth (and your skin). 

Corduroy pants, in a variety of colors, always seem to come into style every few years. We particularly love maroon corduroys to pair with neutral colored sweaters. Brown corduroy midi skirts (to about the knee) are also especially popular this fall season. 


Brocade doesn’t always stay in style, but it’s a unique texture and print that will definitely make you stand out this autumn. The term “brocade” refers to a group of decorative shuttle-woven fabrics, made with colored silks and/or gold and silver threads. It tends to be a heavy fabric that’s often used for upholstery and draperies, now being used for more formal clothing and adornments as well. It’s often adorned with regal designs like flowers and leaves. 

This season we are mostly seeing brocade in skirts. It tends to be a weightier and bolder fabric, so it works well as an accent piece. Some runways are showing brocade overcoats as well for fall fashion 2019.  


Tweed is a woven wool fabric, usually with a weave, twill, or herringbone structure. It tends to be a bit rougher and coarser, which is what pulls it more towards the colder seasons.

I love that tweed is so durable and moisture resistant, so it’s perfect for those last summer rainfalls or the first few snowfalls =. Coco Chanel brought the Queen’s tweed back into fashion in the 1920s, and it’s been fairly consistent since then, coming back into style every few years. 

Tweed blazers are one of the hottest trends for fall. Throw it over your work outfit or a tee with jeans for a gorgeous, put-together look! 

Stunning Fall Prints


You’ve definitely seen the houndstooth pattern before, even if the name doesn’t ring a bell. That’s because it’s been around for decades, and it comes in and out of style throughout the decade. This broken check pattern (usually in black and white) has a rich, autumnal feel that looks gorgeous on heavier fabrics like wool and tweed. 


Plaid is a staple for fall style. When you think of flannel blankets, for example, your brain goes to plaid. Most plaid comes in deep colors, like reds, dark greens, blues, and charcoals. These rich colors are arranged in different variations of checkered patterns for a beautifully subtle design. 

Large plaid jackets are popular for fall—this year and every year. Burberry is especially known for their neutral plaid coats, capes, and purses. See some incredible Burberry offerings at a fraction of the price on consignment with Current Boutique

Animal Prints

Animal prints roll back into fashion every fall season—and for a good reason. They’re a great accent that will make you stand out, while also pairing gorgeously with traditional autumn colors and textures.

You can buy a few high-quality or designer animal print pieces, knowing that you can use and reuse them every year! Buy animal prints secondhand and you have the best possible investment for your fall wardrobe! 

For fall fashion 2019, tiger, leopard, zebra, and snake prints are especially hot. These patterns are bold yet neutral, so they’re an awesome print for party dresses or accent pieces (like scarves and purses). 

ReadHow To Wear Animal Prints

Timeless Fall Jackets

Leather Jackets 

You can never go wrong with a leather jacket for fall. It’s thin enough to move around in—whether apple picking or going to a haunted house—but it also will keep you warm against the fall chill. 

Every girl deserves a leather jacket for her closet. Shop around to find the color and style that best suits you. You might like a black leather jacket with lots of zippers for an edgy style, or maybe a brown distressed jacket for a more rugged look. Whatever your style, a neutral look is best so it’ll sustain as a hot wardrobe item throughout the years.  

Want an authentic, timeless leather jacket without the crazy price tag? You can buy gently used or like new leather jackets at a fraction of the price with Current Boutique here!

Wool Coats + Blazers

Real wool is super sustainable, made from the fur of sheep or goats (or camels, llamas, and certain rabbits). Quality companies make sure the animals are happy, and their fur is high-quality  and organic. Wool is perfect for fall because it creates air pockets, so it has natural insulation that will keep you cool while alsokeeping you warm. It’s incredibly soft and cozy, plus it’s stain and odor resistant! 

Wool is insanely stylish for autumn as well. Wool blazers and coats create a refined silhouette that works in every social situation. At Current Boutique, we are especially obsessed with wool camel-toned jackets for fall 2019. In fact, camel colored jackets are the perfect winter accessory that never go out of style!

Make sure you’re buying real wool, not synthetic, to make sure it’s sustainable. 

Most-Wanted Cozy Essential

Cashmere Sweaters

Cashmere is a luxurious type of wool that’s especially soft and light. Cashmere sweaters and cardigans feel like a warm embrace that pairs perfectly with a cup of apple cider and a walk through the park. 

Neutral colored cashmere sweaters never go out of style. Cashmere fabric is highly sustainable, and the fabric itself lasts for years. Plus, cashmere sweaters offer a feminine silhouette that will make you look and feel great year after year. 

Find out some info about why cashmere is so luxurious and expensive here

Fall Footwear 


It’s booties season! Booties are ankle-high boots that usually have a small, chunky heel. Booties look gorgeous with denim jeans, corduroy skirts, or a cute fall dress. 

We’re so obsessed with booties that we offer an entire section for them on Current Boutique! The best part about booties is that it’s been a fall trend for years now, but you can take this trend and fit it into your individual style and personality as you wish! Go for trendy snakeskin booties or traditional brown leather ones, or even try one with fur! The possibilities of booties are endless. 

Ready To Fall In Love With Fall Styles! 

What are your favorite sustainable fall 2019 trends? How do you stay conscious and fashion-forward at the same time? Share your favorite fall styles on social media and tag Current Boutique to be featured!