Clean Out And Consign Your Closet For The New Year

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to clean up your life this 2019? No matter what you’re planning to achieve this year, starting with a clean, mess-free, de-cluttered life will help you get there. The less disorder and chaos, the more room you make for growth and expansion.

And that starts in your closet! You go to your closet at least once a day, and it’s usually in the morning right as you wake up before you’ve even had your first cup of coffee. Your closet is how you start your day. An untidy or cluttered closet can lead to a cluttered mind. But a clean, fresh, cared for closet will instantly revive your entire physical space (and headspace) so you’re ready to take on the day every single day

What are the benefits of a clean closet?

  • Cuts down the time it takes you to get ready (so you can sleep later or get to work earlier)
  • Ensures you can always find your favorite outfits in a snap 
  • Gets rid of clothes that don’t make you feel incredible and positive
  • Clears out those clothes that could be better used by someone else (giving clothes away can seriously improve someone else’s life) 
  • Helps you meet your style goals and take your wardrobe to the next level
  • Frees up space for new, higher-quality clothing pieces and accessories
  • Minimizes stress and decision fatigue 
  • Gives you cash back (if you sell on consignment) 
  • Helps you play your role in minimizing the textile waste problem in America

How can you cleanout your closet to make space for the best year you’ve ever had? Below, we make a closet detox super easy.  

Clean closet and make four piles. 

Start by making four “piles” of clothes. 

  1. Keep in closet 
  2. Store away 
  3. Sell on consignment
  4. Donate/recycle

So how do you decide which pile to put your clothes in? 

Start with two piles: a “mine” and a “gone” pile. Then ask yourself the following questions.

(Any items that have sentimental value, you don’t have to get rid of. But you might want to store them if they don’t fit.) 

  • Does it fit? If yes, continue to the following questions. If no, put in the “gone” pile. Only keep clothes that don’t fit if they are motivators to help you lose or gain weight to live a healthier lifestyle. In most cases, though, you want clothes that feel good right now
  • When was the last time I wore this item? If you’ve worn it in the last four seasons, continue to the following questions. If you can’t remember the last time you’ve worn it, put it in the “gone” pile now. 
  • Will you wear it in the next six months? If you know you would wear this outfit tomorrow (weather permitting), then it’s worth keeping in your closet. If you can’t think of a time you’d wear this article except for really rare occasions, like attending the Queen’s coronation, then put it in the “gone” pile now. 
  • How much do you like this item? If you don’t feel incredibly gorgeous and wildly confident in this outfit, put it in the gone pile.

Note: Get rid of those old “hang out” clothes. They’re not making you feel like your most beautiful, poised self. You should feel your best in your clothes 24/7—even when hanging out around the house.  

Now you’re going to go through the mine and gone piles individually. 

For mine, you’ll have the option to keep it or store it. 

You’ll want to keep those items that you wear frequently, that fit well, and that are in season. You can store away any items that you don’t wear but have sentimental value or items that are out of season. Your storage pile should be the smallest, because you don’t want to keep clothes that aren’t wearable or important to you.

As you’re going through the mine pile, try to rethink all of the pieces and see if any more articles can go in the “gone” pile. If you don’t 100% love this piece of clothing, it doesn’t belong in your closet. 

For gone, you’ll have the option to sell, donate, or recycle.

If the item is high quality, designer, and gently worn, you will likely want to sell it. You’ll be able to get some cash back for cleaning out your closet, so you have some extra dough to help you hit your other new years resolutions!   

If the item is a bit worn or it’s not from a known brand (like your high school basketball team T-shirt), it will likely do best as a donation to a local cause. Charities can use these to help clothe local families or even use the textiles for other purposes, like blankets for dogs in shelters! 

If the item is really worn out, you’ll want to recycle the fabric. Don’t throw out old fabrics if possible. The average American throws away about 81 pounds of clothing every year—even though 95% of used textiles can be recycled. Don’t be part of the fast-fashion waste. Not only does this fill up our landfills and waste precious resources, but also synthetic clothing can take hundredsof years to breakdown! And the longer items sit in landfills, the more carbon they let out into the air, which can contribute to climate change and environmental concerns. 


Take one last look at the keep pile. Answer these questions:

  • Do I look and feel incredible in this piece of clothing? 
  • Is it holding up well? 
  • Does it match with my other favorite articles of clothing? 
  • Is it high-maintenance? (Dry-clean only items are a lot more work, so you’ll want to take that into consideration.) 

If the item meets your criteria, put it back in your closet! 

But don’t just throw it all back in there. Your New Year’s resolution is to make your life and closet easier long-term. So you want to organize your space so you’ll create a more streamlined and efficient getting ready process. We recommend organizing your closet into the following sections (but do what feels most comfortable to you): 

  • Everyday blouses
  • Dress-up blouses 
  • Long-sleeves
  • Jeans 
  • Pants
  • Skirts
  • Dresses
  • Work attire
  • T-shirts
  • Sweaters
  • Cardigans
  • Workout clothes
  • Sleep clothes

Don’t forget to organize your shoes and accessories too! These work well in dresser drawers or bins on shelves.  

Treat your closet like it’s straight out of a magazine or a blogger’s Pinterest. Invest in non-slip hangers. Put everything facing in the same direction. Organize by design or color. You deserve to have a social-media worthy closet, because it will make you look as fancy and chic as you feel! Check out these closet organization tips by House Beautiful.


You want to store away items that have sentimental value or aren’t in season. You can store them in boxes, put them in the attic, or even rent a small storage unit (depending on how much space you have in your home). 

Be careful when storing clothing. Pests dust, and moisture can eat away at fabric over time if you don’t properly care for and package articles for storage. Start by learning how to care for your clothing to make them last longer. Then learn how to safely and successfully store your clothes away here


This is my favorite option—and for a good reason! Not only do you get to clean out your closet for a minimalistic, stress-free space, but you also get cash back for your hard work! That’s an awesome win-win. 

If you have gently worn, high-quality clothing that is looking for a new home, selling it is the best solution.This is where consignment shops like Current Boutique come in. We’re the consignment shop made specifically for fashion lovers looking to buy and sell their favorite designer clothing. 

You have three options for selling us your clothing: 

  1. In-Store Drop Off: You walk into one of our store locations, and a store member will review your items for you—quick and easy!
  2. Mail In: You can request a pre-paid shipping label, fill out the Listing Form and Consignment Agreement, and ship your package in the mail. We process within 48 hours after receiving the goods, which is significantly faster (by almost 5 days) than other online consigners.  
  3. Home Pick Up: If you have more than 50 designer items to consign, you may qualify to have someone pickup the goods directly from your house. 

Learn more about selling with us here.

How do you know which items from the “gone” pile are worthy of being sold? Check out this article to learn about those wardrobe pieces that do really well on consignment, so you can understand what we do and don’t accept when purchasing clothing from our top customers. 


If you have good quality clothing that doesn’t meet the standards for selling, donation is another great option. (Plus, you may be able to take the donations as a tax deduction.)

Not sure where to donate clothes in your area? Donation Town can help you find local charities that accept used clothing donations. Also check for any Goodwill stores in your area. These non-profits offer discount clothing and create more jobs for locals in your community. 


If your items can’t be donated, then you’ll likely just have to throw them away or recycle them. For example, used underwear or pants with a split seam can’t be donated. 

But you don’t want to just throw out all of this good fabric. You can recycle the fabric with some of the following programs: 

You should also Google clothing recyclers in your area. There are a lot of non-profits who will accept fabric and textiles in any condition—so don’t forget to look locally! Check out Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles to find the nearest recycling outlets near you as well. 


What did your closet look like in 2018? Was it as beautiful, minimalistic, and clean as you would have liked? 

How could your life change if your closet were clean? What could you do with the time saved and money made from cleaning out your closet? How would you be able to upgrade your wardrobe with easy access to your favorite, high-quality items? How would you feel if every single piece of clothing you owned made you look and feel like a confident, gorgeous goddess? 

Let’s make 2019 the best year yet—and it starts in our closet!

5 Style Resolutions To Upgrade Your Wardrobe And Your Life

Are you ready to take on 2019 with stunning style that will make this the best year you’ve ever had? Then let’s make some style resolutions!

As you go through your new year’s resolutions, think about where your wardrobe fits in. If you made a little shift in your personal style, how much could your confidence explode? 

What you wear can completely impact your psychology and mindset. So if you’re looking to change certain habits or behaviors in 2019, your closet is the perfect place to start. You can dress to feel more confident, powerful, kind, caring, giving, and graceful.

So whatever your new year’s resolutions are, they’ll be easier to reach if you start with a style resolution! Want to boost your career? Dress for success. Want to wake up with more energy? Save time by streamlining your closet.

Upgrade your wardrobe, upgrade your life. 

Check out our 5 style new year’s resolutions that you can implement to take your 2019 to the next level! 

1. Quality clothes for a quality woman. 

You deserve the best—in life and in your closet. So it’s time to enhance your closet to include only the best clothing and accessories. 

This doesn’t mean you need to start spending thousands of dollars. In fact, our other resolutions on this list will make sure you save money while still buying quality clothing.

The goal is to treat yourself to investment style that will take your life to the next level. Because wearing high-quality clothes have some serious benefits: 

  • You’ll look and feel better. Quality clothes fit better and last a longer period of time. Well-fitting clothes will help shift your mindset and make you more confident, which will in turn make you happier and sexier! (Beauty starts and ends with how you feel in your clothes.) 
  • You’ll be healthier. Quality clothes are made with fewer chemicals or synthetics that can harm your health. Fast fashion is often loaded with dyes and materials that can disrupt your hormonal balance, cause skin irritations, and even worsen your wellness long-term. Avoid this by investing in well-made fashion. 
  • You’ll help the environment. Those chemicals in fast fashion also end up in the world around us, which can hurt the environment like they can your health. Plus, buying fewer pieces that are greater quality uses less energy consumption and fabric. You’re investing in clothes that last longer, so you’re wasting less fabric and textiles. 
  • You’ll save money. Quality investment purchases help you save money in the long-term, so you can buy even more gorgeous investment pieces for your closet. 

So how do you start buying higher quality clothes?

  • Educate yourself about good quality clothes. Be a smart shopper! Learn how consignors determine “quality” here: How To Buy Quality Clothing Like An Expert Designer
  • Be choosey. You have the right to know what’s going on your body. Take time to look at the materials and production process of your clothing before purchasing. 
  • Find brands that speak to you. There are so many retailers with similar styles out there. So make your decision based on the company’s mission and story, so you know your products are always aligned with your beliefs. 

But what if I’m on a budget? Can I still afford quality clothes? Yup! (We answer this question in numbers 2 and 3 below!) 

2. Keep it clean and lean. 

Minimalism is on-trend—and for a good reason! The less you have, the more physical and mental space you have to breathe. De-cluttering your closet streamlines your dressing process and focuses only on those outfits that bring you joy every time you put them on. 

So it’s time to get down to the basics. Get rid of the stuff you don’t need, so you can focus on those items that make you feel great. One of your top style resolutions should be to only wear clothes that make you happy– get rid of those “hang out” clothes that don’t take you to the next level.

As Socrates wrote, “The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.”

To get started with a minimalist closet, check out our 11 Classic Wardrobe Essentials You Need To Own

3. Shop secondhand. 

So you want to focus on quality over quantity. This usually means buying designer items with a higher price point than the average fast fashion on the market.

But what if it’s just not in the budget to buy only designer, luxury clothes? That’s where consignment comes in—and we know you’ll love this option for your style resolutions! Shopping secondhand stores gives you access to clothes from the top designers and brands at a fraction of the cost.

Most of these designers also offer classic, timeless pieces that can last in your closet for years. So not only do you save money shopping secondhand, but you end up spending less in the long-term as well. 

Best yet, shopping secondhand ensures you stop contributing to the large amounts fashion waste we have in America. You’re buying gently used clothing that just need a little love to bring them back to their gorgeous glory. 

Shopping secondhand saves your wallet, your wardrobe, and your planet! 

4. Take care of your clothing.

Quality clothing can last for years (if not decades). You don’t have to worry about laundry fatigue or wear and tear on your designer clothing if you know how to properly care for them. 

If you care for your clothing, it can last forever. The longer it lasts, the more you emphasize sustainability and save money (so you can buy more investment pieces!). So make the resolution this year to focus on giving your clothing a little TLC. 

Learn how to care for your clothing with our article: 10 Easy Hacks To Make Your Clothes Last Longer. (These hacks are so easy—and they really work!)

5. Be you. 

A lot of stylists will tell you that your new year’s resolution should be to “be bold” or “embrace color.” And we agree with that for the most part. Getting out of your comfort zone is the best way to grow and uncover who you really are. Try out a new style that will make you feel beautiful and confident, like the super easy and fun color blocking trend

But don’t take on trends just for the sake of being trendy. This year, we think there should be a new resolution:

Be you. Embrace your unique style. 

If you like a classic look, purchase clothing that will make you look and feel timeliness. Indulge in the animal print trend if you want to try something new. Get more statement pieces if you love chunky jewelry. If you’re a professional powerhouse, spend money on quality work attire

Try out different styles. See what feels good. Then buy more of what you like! The more your closet reflects you, the easier it is for you to live your truth and be confident in your skin every. single. day. 

There is nothing more beautiful, sexy, and powerful than a confident feminine energy! And we believe that your energy and femininity is reflected in the clothing you wear. So don’t be afraid to be you—whoever that is. 

Love your style resolutions!

This year, make a resolution to wear clothing that makes you more you. Quality clothing not only lasts longer, saves money, and helps the environment—but it will also make you look and feel better every day. Your style resolutions will help make you more confident, which will allow your natural radiance to shine through. 

“Over the years, I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.” – Yves Saint Laurent

9 Winter Accessories That Never Go Out Of Style

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand, and for a talk beside the fire: it is a time for home.” – Edith Sitwell

What are your favorite winter accessories?

Winter is the best time to cuddle up with blankets and hot cocoa—but it’s also the perfect time to show off your stunning and unique fashion sense. I love winter because there are so many styles and accessories to try out, your wardrobe will never go stale.

But you don’t want to buy an entire new wardrobe every winter. You’d waste a lot of money, fabric, and energy. So here are the top 9 winter accessories that never leave the trending charts, so your wardrobe can be as sustainable as it is gorgeous!

1. Pearls

Add a little touch of sophistication to your outfit with gorgeous, refined pearls. They look like snowflake drops sprinkled across your elegant outfit.

Pearls never go out of style, and they’re a staple for every woman’s closet. They work especially well in the winter as a heartier accessory that pairs stunningly with deep winter colors like black, cobalt, maroon, and even gold.

Pearls are also super easy to match. You can wear a pearl necklace with gold or silver earrings. You can throw on pearl earrings with a chunky colorful bracelet. Pearls can be easily personalized while maintaining their unmatched elegance.

2. Leather gloves

Leather gloves are a classic look no matter the season or outfit. Pair with a blazer for a professional look or a puffy jacket for a casual trip to the mall. Leather gloves work especially well to enhance a brightly colored seasonal handbag.

You can find leather gloves in a lot of different colors and styles. We like the look of a chic black or a neutral beige to go with all of the sweaters and jackets in your closet.

Plus, leather is one of the warmest textiles! It will keep you warm and toasty in even the chilliest wind. It’s also a durable, lasting style that can withstand the test of time as long as you take care of it. There’s nothing better than practical fashion!

3. Waterproof purse

Whether it’s snowing or raining, you want a purse that will protect your valuables. You want a cross body or tote that holds up against any winter storms that come your way. Larger handbags are especially popular winter accessories, and they’re a great way to subtly show off your gloves and scarf as well.

One of my favorite waterproof bag brands is Longchamp. These investment bags have large interiors for all of your winter accessories, and the exterior is stunningly waterproof. With the leather straps and gorgeous colors, they’re equally stylish as they are practical.

Check out some of our hottest purses right now.

4. Ankle boots

Ankle boots are essential for fall and winter. They’re easy to walk in, and you don’t have to worry about how they fit up and around your calves like larger boots. Ankle boots pair with just about everything in your closet, from holiday dresses to dark jeans to velvet pants. A little heel can give you height and boost your outfit whether you’re going formal or casual.

I recommend avoiding suede and leather for your winter ankle boots, as these won’t hold up well against the snowy slush. We also advise that you spray a waterproof agent on patent leather for boots that last all season long (and beyond).

5. Beige sweater

The tan sweater is one of the simplest and most versatile winter accessories. Whether it’s a cardigan, a crew neck, or a mock neck, a tan sweater can go with just about any winter look. Beige is perfect because it can pair with darker colors, bright colors, or even winter white.

If beige is too light for you, opt for a tan or camel. The neutral color will complement any other trending pieces you’re wearing for the season to give a classic, sophisticated look wherever you go.

Plus, you want to always have a comfy sweater on hand to keep you warm! Cashmere is a great option because it’s durable, high quality, and will keep you nice and toasty as you strut down the snowy streets.

6. Dark denim

Dark denim is a wardrobe essential in its own right, but it’s especially important for winter adventures. Whether you’re hanging out in a ski resort, going to a holiday party, or kicking back to relax, dark denim is a simple go-to for every look. Dress it up with a pair of gorgeous heels and a holiday blouse, or dress it down with snow boots to hit the slopes.

I recommend going for a skinnier cut of dark denim for the winter. They pair well with heels or can be tucked into ankle boots without extra fabric scrunching up.

7. Designer watch

Trying out different watch trends can be fun to play with, but a quality watch will never go out of style. This is a great accessory that can spice up any outfit, especially around the holiday season. A designer watch can withstand the test of time, and it will add a bit of luxury to any outfit. Plus, it will always make sure you’re on time during the busy holiday season.

I recommend a minimalist face with lines in place of numbers. Opt for a metal band, which are more durable, versatile, and repairable than leather or colored bands. Gold and silver are great watch investments, and even rose gold has become the new classic.

Another timeless style is the chronograph, which has persisted throughout the ages. The chronograph typically has multiple faces, and it can be used as a stopwatch as well as a clock. Although it’s often considered a masculine style, it’s one of the more common trends for women fashion as well.

8. Winter sunglasses

The sun doesn’t go away in the winter, and the light can actually reflect worse off of the snow. So you still need to protect your sensitive eyes in the dead of winter with polarized glasses. Winter sunglasses are actually different than summer ones, as they tend to be darker and larger. The styles of winter sunglasses tend to stay consistent throughout the years, while summer sunglasses tend to change trends frequently.

I love the look of dark or black shades with a winter white or Christmas red. It creates a gorgeous contrast that makes every outfit look polished.

Cat-eye is the evergreen staple of sunglasses frames, and they look especially beautiful with pearls and a winter dress. Wayfarers are also a classic style that will persist regardless of season or style.

9.  Trench coat

A trench coat is a classic wardrobe essential that never goes out of style. Whether you’re heading to work, to a party, or to the mall, a trench coat always fits right in.

Double breasted coats are especially winter-worthy. Leave them unbuttoned to show off your style underneath and button them back up for a warm trip around town. Opt for a neutral color that will work with every winter outfit you have, and you’ll always be the belle of every ball.

What are your favorite winter accessories?

How do you build your winter wonderland wardrobe? What accessories make your outfits shine? Give our readers your style tips in the comments below!

How To Wear Winter White

(Pictured wearing Burberry Jacket,Current Collection Earrings)

Honor the beauty of the snowfall with a wardrobe of winter white.

You don’t need to put your white clothing into hibernation for the winter. Stop eagerly and anxiously anticipating for spring to come to throw on your favorite white clothes and accessories.

In fact, some white pieces are actually fashioned to reflect the crisp beauty of the winter! Forget the outdated “no white after Labor Day” myth. You can and should show off the sophistication and elegance that comes with a gorgeous snowy ensemble.

How can you rock the winter white look this season?

1. Wear different tones and textures.

The most stunning way to wear winter white is with a monochrome ensemble. Mixing different shades of white, cream, beige, and off-white creates a stunningly refined winter wardrobe pallet. You can also play around with textures and weights, like pairing a beige cashmere cardigan with a white knit dress and off-white shearling coat.

Layering white imitates a magnificent blanket of snow.

Style Tip: Wear a textured all white cape or coat, like shearling, or fur, over a black leather jacket. This layering style will keep you warm without making your outfit too bulky, and it will protect your leather from the snow. Mixing and matching outwear textures is a unique way to show off your style.

2. Go for the white knit.

The white knit dress or sweater is a classic winter ensemble that never goes out of style. It keeps you warm and cozy while giving you the “bundled up” look. A white knit dress or blouse can be casual with black leggings and boots, or it can be dressed up with a colorful skirt and high heels.

We also love the variety of white knit tops you can find. You’ll especially find an array of necklines, from turtlenecks to mock-necks to square tops. This lets you play around with necklaces and earrings while adding diversity to your winter white wardrobe.

Even the knit pattern itself can be unique. Some have knots, others have flowers, and some are a basic knit. These different knit textures mean you can find the unique look for your style within the archetypal white knit.

3. Use white as a blank canvas.

White and cream are the perfect canvas for other colors, patterns, and accessories. Pair a white dress with patterned outerwear or use statement jewelry to spice up a cream blouse. Cold weather gives you the opportunity to wear multiple layers and an array of accessories, so it’s the perfect time to try something new and exciting.

White creates a clean space to wear the bolder pieces that you don’t normally know how to wear. Offset your red velvet pants with a cream top and hat for an unexpected holiday party outfit. Throw on that cobalt blue cardigan over a white knit dress for a head-turning ensemble. Wear that cheetah print scarf with a white suit for a trending style.

Be careful not to over-accessorize, though. If you’re using white as a canvas, you want to have only one or two statement pieces that draw the eye. Too much “excitement” in your outfit can take away from the inherent elegance of the white.

When in doubt, go for a monochrome white outfit paired accented a colorful shoe. Bold black, deep cobalt, and bright red boots or heels emphasize and accentuate an all-white winter ensemble.

Read: 3 Amazing Reasons To Love The Little White Dress

4. Contrast white and black.

Pairing white and black always looks elegant and refined. They’re both neutral and easy to match, but together they create a bold juxtaposition that will attract the eye.

This is a great way for beginners to get an introduction to winter white. If you aren’t used to wearing white after Labor Day, you might feel more comfortable using white as an accessory to a black or dark outfit. For example, a white scarf creates a simple contrast against a black trench coat.

Tip: White and black work beautifully for a powerhouse professional outfit. We especially love the look of a white button-down with a black accent around the collar, pockets, and cuffs.

5. Find the right size.

The little black dress is so popular because black is slimming and secretive. But white shows everything. So make sure you choose the right size for you. In the winter, you can even size up for a baggy, cozy, bundled-up look.

When you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, you’ll exude more confidence. Remember that when you look good, you feel great—and vice versa.

We recommend purchasing tailored white clothing when possible. A well-fitting cream suit will make you feel like a queen, as though you were walking through the wintery streets of London. You can wear a polished suit to the office, to a holiday party, or even when doing your Christmas shopping (especially in the designer stores).

You’ll look and feel like a princess in a tailored white outfit that accentuates your curves, your beauty, and your style.

6. Choose quality.

White shows everything—including poor quality of clothing. A low-quality white knit top will start to fray and fade, which means it won’t be as sharp and crisp as you want your winter white to be.

This is especially important because your winter clothes have a practical purpose as well. They need to keep you warm and protected from the harsh winter elements. Low-quality clothing typically isn’t substantial enough to protect you in frigid temperatures and high winds. But good-quality cashmere, shearling, leather, knits, and even cotton can keep you warm, healthy, and stylish.

Learn how to buy quality clothing like an expert designer here.

7. Have a few winter staples.

You don’t need to completely change your winter wardrobe to incorporate white. With just a few pieces, you can add a stunning snowy elegance to your look.

We recommend having the following white pieces to instantly enhance any outfit:

  • Shearling coat/white fur
  • Leather ankle boots
  • Editors’ pants / slacks
  • Button down
  • Knit sweater
  • Hat/ beret or beanie

Check out these 9 winter accessories that never go out of style for more to add to your closet this season.

8. Know what not to wear.

Winter white does have a few “rules” though. There are a few white pieces that are made for spring, just like the white knit top or red velvet pants are made for winter.

What are some pieces that you should save for spring?

  • Sheer or eyelet white blouses
  • Flower white lace
  • Sleeveless or tank tops
  • Sundresses
  • White sandals
  • White denim jacket

9. Keep it simple.

The goal of winter white is elegance and sophistication. The monochrome shades and textures are refined and simple. The knit sweater is humbly tasteful. A white canvas with bold accessories is chic and eye-catching. You don’t need to get out of your comfort zone to rock the winter white lock.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

How do you wear winter white? Give us your tips in the comments!

5 Reasons Why Secondhand Items Make The Best Gifts

Still searching high and low for the perfect gifts for your loved ones this holiday season? That’s because you’re looking in all the wrong places!

Secondhand items are the hottest, chicest gift items for 2018, but you may not have even considered them yet. They’re thoughtful, special presents that appeal to everyone on your list. Show how much you love and care for your friends and family with exceptional, unique secondhand goodies—all without hurting your wallet or the environment.

Check out these top 5 reasons consignment items have become the most popular and impactful gift-giving trend for the season!

1. Quality

You care about the quality of the gifts you give. You want to pamper and treat your friends and family with luxurious gifts. Secondhand pieces are a great way to give superior designer products without sacrificing price. Give a quality gift to a quality friend.  

At Current Boutique, we have hundreds of designer items lined up in-house. From Tiffany earrings to Kate Spade bags, you can find a wide array of luxury styles right in our consignment shop and online. Our designer bags are especially popular as gifts because your recipients will love flaunting the beauty and functionality that comes from top-name brands.

Give the gift of lavish beauty this holiday season.

2. Unique

But you’re not just giving high-quality designer clothing. You’re gifting unique, exclusive secondhand pieces that aren’t for sale anywhere else. These items could be from a season ago, ten seasons ago, or ten years ago. And with designer items, the value increases overtime—even if they’ve been previously gently worn or used. They become more distinct and unique the longer they’re out of season—because they never go out of style.

So often secondhand pieces are unlike anything you’ll find in stores today. That means you’re more likely to find something that suits your friend’s actual style, rather than just whatever is trending in fast fashion during the season.

Show your friends how extraordinary they are by giving them a unique gift they can’t find anywhere else.

3. Thoughtful

A matchless item that fits your friend’s personality shows that you’ve put thought into the gift. Most recipients appreciate the thought behind a gift rather than the expense of the gift itself. People love to feel that you’re thinking of them—and especially that you think they’re special and unique. Giving a distinctive secondhand item tells them that you think they’re rare and beautiful.

Be a creative, out-of-the-box gift giver.

4. Affordable

You want to give your friends something high quality, vintage, and thoughtful. But doesn’t that cost a lot? Not when it’s a secondhand sensation gift!

Secondhand shops give you access to top-notch fashion pieces at a fraction of the cost. Imagine buying a genuine cashmere Burberry scarf for only $150 dollars, or a Rebecca Minkoff crossbody for just $70, or even a Tiffany & Co’s famous open heart necklace for $140!

In fact, shopping consignment can save nearly 70% off the original retail price. Plus, the holidays usually offer at least another 20% off of that. Talk about incredible savings!

When you buy designer items in-season, it can cost you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars. Most of us can’t afford to get everyone on our list something designer and beautiful. But when you take off more than half of the listing price, you have more financial wiggle room to indulge in the gorgeous gifts your friends deserve for being so wonderful.

Give luxury without breaking the bank.

5. Sustainable

Buying a bunch of new gifts for the holiday season can be surprisingly wasteful. Most people give moderately-priced gifts, meaning the lifespan of your clothes and accessories won’t last very long. You likely end up throwing out your gifts by the time the next holiday season rolls around. And how many gifts have you been given that you haven’t even worn or used at all?

Holiday gifts end up getting wasted more than they do getting used.  

The high-end clothes on consignment already need a home, and they’ve already proven to withstand the test of time.  Why buy average clothes when you can buy high-end clothes for the same or lower price—while enhancing your wardrobe and saving the environment?

Be an eco-friendly gift giver, and the world (and your recipient) will thank you.

How to give secondhand

So how do you actually give secondhand gifts? How do you make this the most special and unique gift you possibly can this holiday season?

Here are some Current Boutique tips and tricks to make your secondhand gifting a breeze:

  • There’s a difference between secondhand and used. Secondhand goods come from a consignment shop or reseller. They have been professionally cleaned and repaired, and they’re handpicked as valuable, high-quality items. Never give something straight from your wardrobe as a gift under the false guise of “secondhand”!
  • Give the gift in appropriate packaging. If the secondhand shop does gift-wrap or has a unique unboxing process, then use it! If not, wrap it as you would another gift. You want to present the box in an extraordinary way so they’re excited to uncover what’s inside.
  • Give info about the store where you got the item. Be proud of your secondhand goodies. You want people to know that their gifts are unique finds that you went out of your way to personalize for them. Plus, they’ll love learning more about the awesome store where you got their priceless gifts.
  • Shop with Current Boutique! We always have sales on the hottest trending items from the biggest brand names you can imagine. From our Current Obsessions to Trend lookbooks, we make it easy to search through our hundreds of products to find great gifts.  

We look forward to seeing all you secondhand holiday shoppers with us soon!